Tao Tao Car Industry (301345.SZ): In 2024, electric golf car products will be shipped one after another.

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Greenway December 29th 丨 Tao Tao Motor Industry (301345.SZ) recently conducted investor relations activities. "Thebreaking news electric golf cart has a new product volume in 2023. Is the goal of the year be achieved? What is the expected growth in 2024?"The company replied that the company's electric golf cart has made corresponding progress in sales and research and development in 2023. It has successively received orders from the United States, Malaysia, Canada, Mexico and other countries and regions, and gradually developed large -scale business supermarkets to expand and expandThere are more than 60 high -end dealers, and some new product volume has been achieved in 2023, bringing a certain increase to the company's revenue.

After 2023 product research and development and market development, the company's 2024 electric golf car products will be shipped one after another, and new models and new products will be listed.The amount will also bring new growth to the company's electric golf car business.

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