Weber archives of the Far East International Military Tribunal, the beginning of Nanjing

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He presided over the trial of the Nanjing Massacre Yuanxiejing Shigen!On the eve of the National Public Sacrifice Day of the Tenth Nanjing Massacre,全球资讯 Professor Zhang Sheng, the president of the Nanjing Massacre Research Association and the dean of the School of History of Nanjing University, released the personal file of the President of the Far East International Military Court.It is reported that this large -scale information about Weber is found in China for the first time.

"Weber Archives" information in real scene Liu Chang

Far East International Military Court President Weber (Information Picture)

In January 1946, the Supreme Command of the Far East Allied Army announced the establishment of the Far East International Military Court in accordance with the authorization of the allies. The court was located in Tokyo, also known as Tokyo trial.The five major allies including the United States, China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and France, and the judges from 11 countries including the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and the Philippines, and tried to judge the A -level war criminals such as Araki Zhenfu.Australian judge William Weber served as the president.

The reporter learned from Zhang Sheng's office yesterday that the "Weber Archives" released this time is divided into four parts: the Far East International Military Court, Draft Documents, Cases and Communications.Zhang Sheng said that Weber participated in the top -level design such as the court charter in the Tokyo trial, and worked hard to maintain the smooth operation of the system of the court, and returned to the malicious counterattack of the war criminals and their defense lawyers with profound professional knowledge, defending civilization and justice.Essence

Zhang Sheng was interviewed by reporters at Nanjing University.Liu Changwai

"To maintain the operation of such an international court, not only the legal wisdom, but also political wisdom." Zhang Sheng told reporters that Tokyo trials involved 11 countries, each country's crime cognition of Japan in war isnot exactly.Therefore, Weber is the key figure of the Far East International Military Court."A court like this requires not only the host to have professional legal knowledge, but also a strong" field ability "." For example, during the trial, the Japanese defense lawyer believed that syphilis had to be infected for 3 months before symptoms did symptoms only occur after 3 months of infection.I want to use the concept of time to deny the rape of the Japanese army when Nanjing's fall. At that time, the witness Wilson used professional knowledge to refute, and it was possible that the disease may occur from 6 weeks to 3 months after syphilis infection.In the face of such qualifications, Weber judged that the qualification certificate of the Japanese defense lawyer was meaningless.After the trial of Tokyo, Weber returned to Australia and was active in the legal community for a long time. Before his death, he put together the relevant archives of his life in his life, and became a key file to study Tokyo trial.

Zhang Sheng said that this "Weber Archives" should be said to be the largest archives of Weber's first -hand files in recent years.Tokyo trial information, Weber's personal file will greatly promote the further deepening of the study and related research of the Nanjing Massacre.At present, the team led by its leadership has been organized and translated, and strive to publish as soon as possible.

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