The original Putin has not yet shot, and the biggest crisis in Ukraine has emerged? Zelenski suddenly voice! Make an unusual statement

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Original title: Putin has not yet shot,real time news and the biggest crisis in Ukraine has emerged? Zelenski suddenly voice! Make an unusual statement

Putin hasn't shot yet, and the biggest crisis in Ukraine has emerged? Zelenski suddenly voice! Make an unusual statement

According to news reports, power supply in many places in Ukraine has been interrupted recently due to snowstorms. Ukrainian President Zelenski posted a video on social media saying that most parts of the country are experiencing bad weather conditions, especially in the south. It is not clear about the specific casualties caused by the snowstorm. Ukrainian President Zelenski said: "Our power engineers will restore the power supply to all cities and villages that have been cut off due to bad weather as soon as possible. Up to now, there are ten areas, and about 400 residential areas are still in a state of power failure.

Ukrainian President Zelenski said that Russian troops would quickly launch a "stronger" attack on Ukraine when Kiev was "exhausted" and the cold winter was coming. Western experts worry that Russia will target Ukraine's infrastructure, including electricity and energy, to ensure that Ukraine cannot survive in the cold winter. Zelenski and western experts may not fully understand Putin's determination. If Russia really launched an attack, Kiev might have become another Gaza. At the start of the war, Putin asked the Russian army to abide by the rules of international war, which is exactly what Netanyahu asked the Israeli army.

As the conflict continues, the situation in Ukraine becomes more and more difficult. On the one hand, the Russian army constantly increased its military pressure on Ukraine during the period when the West shifted its attention to the Middle East. On the other hand, Ukraine also faces many challenges. Although the international community has provided some assistance, in the face of increasing military expenditure and economic burden, the Ukrainian government has begun to feel unprecedented pressure. The supply of weapons and ammunition has become increasingly difficult, forcing Ukraine to seek more international assistance and even try to buy weapons independently.

Professor Yinan believes that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict has entered a stalemate, and Western support will consume Ukraine, which is increasingly unfavorable to it. Although U.S. Defense Secretary Austin emphasized support in Ukraine, the U.S. military assistance was limited, and Biden's government also encountered differences in Congress on aid to Ukraine. Europe tries to fill the gap of weak American aid, but it is difficult to actually fulfill its promise. The development of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is not only related to Ukraine, but also affects the political life of Europe, which makes the continuation and result of the war attract much attention.

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