Is this a commercial war?Ali employees say Hema headquarters IP has been blocked by the Sam APP

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On the evening of December 13th,real time news Hema and Sam took the business war again.Some Ali employees posted that they could not use the Sam APP at the Hema headquarters, questioning that the IP address of the Hema headquarters was blocked by Sam.

The employee said that when he came to Hema headquarters to meet, he planned to visit Sam, but he couldn't open it at all.I thought there was a problem with the phone, and it was not possible to restart.As a result, the company wifi was broken and brushed out.He questioned that the IP address of Hema headquarters was blocked by Sam."Is this the commercial war?" He teased.

Sina Technology asked Hema employees to verify, and insiders replied that the specific situation was not clear, but it was indeed impossible to refresh the Sam APP normally.

It is worth noting that Hema and Sam are direct competitors, and this year, the two sides have also fought price wars.

In July of this year, Hema launched the price of "moving mountains" and "durian thousands" in Beijing and Shanghai, which was lowered, and then expanded to multiple cities.Although Hema officials interpreted the "moving mountain price" as the spirit of using Yugong to move the mountain, shortening the gap with the world's leading retail enterprises.However, "moving the mountain" is still interpreted by the outside world as direct point to Sam.And Sam, who learned the news, chose to face the front and follow up the price reduction.

Zhu Xiaojing, president and CEO of Wal -Mart, also said in an internal meeting that Hema is the only competitor of Wal -Mart's Sam Member Store in China.Earlier, the Sam membership survey questionnaire also appeared in multiple issues related to the cost -effectiveness and shopping method of Hema's commodity.

The storm that the IP address of the Hema headquarters was blocked by Sam also showed the fierce level of competition between the two sides.

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