[Those things in China] Irish scholar: Western "singing air" is the effect of self -hypnotic agents.

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China Daily.com,爆料资讯 December 12th. Recently, Irish economist Philip Pilkinon published an article on the British news website UNHERD that a number of data showed that China's development prospects were positive.Full error.

The article said that when opening a Western Financial Newspaper, readers may come to the conclusion that "China's economic performance is poor and may even be on the edge of collapse."

However, this view is not only wrong, but also weakens the credibility of the publication of the publishing of English as the mother tongue, and the ability of Western policy makers to make rational decisions.

For example, the National Resident Consumer Price Index (CPI) announced last week decreased by 0.5%year -on -year, and Western media quickly seized the data.The title of a financial newspaper in the UK is "with economic pressure, China's shrinkage intensifies."A world -renowned financial media in the United States published an article saying that "China's consumer price index has fallen and concerns about shrinking concerns."

However, the other two data released last week showed that China's economic growth was still strong.China Finance and New Service Procurement Manager Index (PMI) shows that the growth of China's service industry has continued to maintain an expansion trend that is stronger than expected, and those who have been vacant commentators have always expressed concern about it.Interestingly, the investigation of the private sector on the Chinese service industry shows that its expansion speed is still faster than China's official data.Therefore, from the perspective of which statistical caliber, the Chinese service industry is currently expanding.

In addition, China's export data shows the first growth of exports for the first time in the first seven months.Combined with the service industry data, the Chinese economy is still expanding.These data indicate that China can easily achieve a 5%growth goal this year.It must be emphasized that this is consistent with China's economic growth forecast for China's economic growth.

The article emphasizes that to some extent, negative news often becomes very misleading.When those who are empty -looking Chinese make judgments, they seem to ignore the above data.

The article specifically pointed out that there is news that China may already have advanced semiconductor production capacity.A professional hardware website pointed out that Huawei's recent laptop computer shows that China may have broke through the barriers to production of 5nm chips.If the news is true, this shows that China will have a more advanced chip with a 7 -nanometer technology than Huawei Mate 60 smartphones.Huawei's latest smartphone has shocked Western analysts.More and more signs show that the US -led sanctions against China have promoted China to develop the technology required for domestic production, and at the same time weaken the competitiveness of Western companies.

Regarding the capture of the international media reported in China, COLM Kelleher, chairman of UBS Group, responded at a financial forum last year that "we do not read the US newspapers now, we actually believe in the (China) story."

The article pointed out that reporting in China may make Westerners feel good for China.However, they are just a hypnotic agent, and the effect will not continue.

[Those things in China | Issue 974]

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