The original US military sent a large number of stealth fighters to Okinawa: the purpose was to strengthen deterrence measures.

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Original title: TheExpress information US military sent a large number of stealth fighters to Okinawa: the purpose is to strengthen deterrence measures

A large number of U.S. F-35 fighters flew directly to Kadena base in Japan, with obvious intention. Suddenly, there were changes in three directions around China, and the eastern theater continued to train and prepare for war, always ready to deal with the worst situation.

According to the website of Air Force and Space Force Magazine quoted by the Global Times, a large number of F-35 fighters of the Fourth Fighter Squadron of the US Air Force were transferred to Kadena base in Japan a few days ago.

The U.S. military explained that through this deployment, it will deepen interoperability with partner countries, hoping to exchange experience and technology with the flying troops at Kadena base, so as to strengthen deterrence measures.

The Pentagon transferred the F-35 to Kadena base, and the object of deterrence is self-evident. I believe everyone knows that there is no doubt that it is China.

In fact, since the US military announced last year that it would withdraw its F-15C/D fighters from two squadrons in Kadena base, it has deployed active fighters such as F-16 and F-22 in Kadena base. In March this year, the US dispatched its F-35 fighter plane originally from eielson Air Force Base to Kadena Base.

We should know that the straight-line distance between Kadena base and the Taiwan Strait is less than 650 kilometers. The US military deployed F-35 and other fighters here, which is obviously ready for the US military to intervene in the event of a conflict in the Taiwan Strait.

Even the US media bluntly commented in the report that once there is a war in the Taiwan Strait, Kadena base will become an "important assembly place" for the US military to intervene.

Neither the United States nor Japan disclosed how many F-35s arrived at Kadena base this time. However, in order to ensure that the PLA can be hit hard in the Taiwan Strait and seize the air superiority in the first place, the Pentagon will obviously deploy too many F-35s this time.

Just as a large number of American F-35s flew to Japan, the United States made "big moves" in the direction of the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula. First of all, the United States and the Philippines launched their first joint patrol in the South China Sea in the past seven years. The United States mobilized a littoral combat ship and a reconnaissance plane, while the Philippines sent three ships, as well as attack aircraft and fighter planes.

Even if the United States keeps bowing to the fire, it is now personally "helping out" the Marcos government in the South China Sea, completely exposing the wolf ambition of eager to make earth-shaking changes in the situation in the South China Sea, and then taking the opportunity to intervene under the guise of "defending regional stability."

Secondly, according to Yonhap News Agency news quoted by Guangming. com, the American aircraft carrier "carl vinson" recently arrived in Busan. The Korean media stressed that it was about a month before the US aircraft carrier arrived in South Korea again.

On the night of the US aircraft carrier's visit to South Korea, a North Korean military reconnaissance satellite was successfully put into orbit. Before the launch of the satellite, Pyongyang had already released the wind in advance. Therefore, there is reason to believe that the US aircraft carrier went straight to South Korea to prevent North Korea from testing satellites. Unfortunately, the DPRK did not buy this set at all, and the launch was still launched.

To sum up, almost at the same time, there were changes in the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea and the Peninsula in the three major directions around China. It can be seen that after the meeting between Chinese and American leaders, the United States not only did not reduce its efforts to suppress and contain China, but intensified its efforts to press China step by step. Under this circumstance, China can only continue to train and prepare for war and always prepare for the worst.

Recently, the live-fire drill site in the eastern theater presented a high-burning picture. From the picture, we can see that the troops in the theater conducted multi-arms and cross-day confrontation exercises.

The PLA's continuous training and preparation for war is obviously an unusual signal, which means that China has already prepared for any situation, and the PLA will never be soft in the face of any external forces that attempt to undermine China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity!

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