(Sports · International Football) Serie A: Juventus was tied to the top of the list

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  Xinhua News Agency,hot news Rome, December 15th (Li Mengqing) Italian Football League launched the 16th round on the 15th. Genoa tied Juventus 1: 1 at home, and the latter missed the first opportunity to appear on the top of the standings.

  At the beginning of the game, although you come and go, the battle on the field is not fierce.As the game gradually deepened, the offensive of the two teams began to rise.In the 28th minute, Kiessa was built by the opponent's goalkeeper Martinez in the penalty area, and then he made his own punishment to get the top spot for Juventus.After scoring the goal, the offensive slowed down and gave Genoa some counterattack opportunities.

  Bian Bian fought again, Reinaa equalized the score in the 48th minute, Gudemond loosened his teammate Eukban's assists and scored the door in the penalty area.Since then, the home team has obviously bleeds in confidence and started to pressure Juventus more, but their offensive did not cause too many real threats to the "old woman".In the end, the two sides shook hands and said each other, each took one point.

  Facing the league's midstream and downstream teams failed to score all three points, which is obviously not satisfactory for Juventus, who is in the championship.

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