The original United States suddenly changed its face and gave Israel three red lines!

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Original title: TheExpress information United States suddenly changed its face and gave Israel three red lines!

Although the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which lasted for nearly two months, has recently ceased fire briefly, Israel has said from time to time that it will continue to take military action against southern Gaza once the cease-fire is over. The international community is putting increasing pressure on Israel to prevent it from using force against Gaza again. Even the United States suddenly changed its face and joined the pressure.

On November 29th, Sky News reported that the United States began to put pressure on Israel to pay more attention to protecting civilians and limiting the damage to infrastructure. If Israel launched an attack in southern Gaza, the international community's humanitarian efforts would be difficult to cope with. The report pointed out that the US plan sent by the US government to the Israeli government has set three red lines for Israel's military operations in southern Gaza:

The first red line of the United States is to try to prevent Palestinians from being displaced and protect civilians in southern Gaza, namely Khan Younis and Rafah; The second red line is that after the expiration of the armistice agreement, if Israel continues its military operations in the Gaza Strip, it must avoid causing casualties, including civilians; The third red line is to warn Israel not to attack safe places in southern Gaza, such as hospitals, schools and all shelters for Palestinians fleeing from northern Gaza, and to keep aid materials from entering through Rafah.

This time, the behavior of the United States drawing a red line for Israel seems to be quite serious. Even Biden in the United States personally shouted that violence in Gaza could not be allowed to continue. On November 29th, Russian Tass news agency reported that US President Joe Biden said that the United States could not allow the violence in Gaza to continue. Many English media pointed out that the tone of Biden's statement was completely different from the rhetoric attitude that Washington officials had insisted on before. Before that, the United States had repeatedly supported Israel in public and agreed that the fighting could not stop until Hamas was destroyed and expelled from Gaza.

At the same time, US Secretary of State blinken announced at a news conference held in Brussels after the NATO meeting that she would pay a new visit to Israel in the next few days and coordinate with the Israelis to consider whether the temporary ceasefire could be extended. Not long ago, in a speech in Tokyo, blinken also stressed that "it is obvious that Israel cannot occupy Gaza."

According to informed sources, William Burns, director of the US Central Intelligence Agency, also arrived in Doha on November 28th to meet with David Bania, director of the Israeli Intelligence Agency, and officials from Qatar and Egypt to discuss the "next stage" of the armistice agreement.

Not long ago, the Gaza Government Information Center said that since Israel launched an attack on the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the Gaza Strip has reached 14,854, including more than 6,150 children, more than 36,000 injured, and more than 7,000 people are missing. Their bodies may be buried under the ruins of bombed buildings.

With the three red lines drawn by the United States and Biden and blinken taking turns to go into battle, will Israel yield to the appeals and warnings against the forced displacement of Gaza residents? Or will it continue to carry out its military plan once the armistice is over?

At present, the events between Israel and Hamas, including the exchange of prisoners and hostages and the temporary truce, are the result of both external and internal pressure on Israel, especially the position of some countries that originally supported Israel's military actions has changed, such as the position of the United States. Therefore, if the United States is willing to expand its security protection for the United States, Israel should treat the American red line with caution.

On November 30, the Russian news agency quoted a report in Politburo, which revealed that the US government was using the current humanitarian suspension to influence the Israeli authorities again. Under the pressure of the United States, Israel reduced the number of ground troops participating in the first phase of ground operations in the Gaza Strip.

This means that Israel has gradually withdrawn its troops from the Gaza Strip, and the American red line seems to have worked.

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