It is reported that Ai Pyramid agreed to pay 576 million euros of reconciliation money to the Italian tax bureau

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Viewpoint News:On December 14,frontline information the capital market news, Audred Ying agreed to pay a reconciliation of 576 million euros to end the Italian tax bureau's investigation of the company's suspected tax avoidance.

Audemars Piguet did not recognize the mistakes in the reconciliation agreement. The coverage of the reconciliation agreement was tax disputes from 2017 to 2021, and did not include last year and this year.

Audemars Piguet pointed out that the reconciliation money will be paid in installments in the next two years, which may have a significant impact on performance.Relevant tax disputes involve the owners or households who use the platform to rent the property on the platform in Italy. The company plans to detain the owner's money that still uses the platform to offset government taxes.However, the company has no intention of recovering the money from other households.

According to the past reports of the new media, the capital market news on November 7 showed that the Italian financial police confiscated Audemars Piguet to welcome about 779 million euros (US $ 835 million), because the company was suspected of not paying some taxes.

At that time, according to the Italian Milan Prosecutor's Office, an Italian judge ordered a 780 million euro assets of the AIRBNB Irish subsidiary, because the company was suspected of tax evasion and did not pay about 21%of the RMB 21%of the rental income of about 3.7 billion euros in Italy.Deduction tax.The statement pointed out that the relevant investigations involved Audemars Piguet's suspected failure of the failure of 2017, and the rental income of 21%of the landlord was pre -deducted and paid taxes on Italian tax authorities.

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