Healthy Station 丨 In order to protect the physical and mental health of "one old and one young", they act like this

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Chao News Client reporter He Lina Correspondent Gu Jie

The热点新闻 volunteer service team of Chao News · Qian Qian Health Station, Hangzhou Xixi Street Community Health Service Center, under the leadership of the Central Party Branch, actively carry out volunteer services such as public welfare activities, lectures, and free clinics.

Since the establishment of the Volunteer Service Team of the Xixi Center Psychological Care Service Team, since its establishment, it has always adhered to the service purpose of "dedication, love, mutual assistance, and improvement", and strives to provide residents with a full range of psychological health services.Since 2023, combined with the center of "Health+" in the center, it has focused on the psychological health of "one old and one small".

The picture is provided by Xixi Street Community Health Service Center

When we are paying attention to your health, we cannot ignore mental health, especially young children and elderly people. At a relatively sensitive stage of life, we must have a healthy mentality.

Recently, Yu Lihua, a national second -level psychological counselor, the captain of the Red Cross Psychological Care Service Team of the West Lake District, and the deputy director of Xixi Center, gave psychological health lectures for the retired party members of the Ocean II and the fifth grade students of the provincial education department.

For retired elderly people, Yu Lihua is based on the theme of "healthy psychology, happiness in his old age", telling several common psychological problems and reasons for psychological distress.We establish an optimistic attitude towards life.

The picture is provided by Xixi Street Community Health Service Center

In response to teenagers, Yu Lihua focused on teaching children how to correctly understand themselves, how to better understand others, and specifically explained several methods of daily regulating emotions, so that children can "decode puberty" smoothly without annoying growth.

The physical and mental health of "One Old and One Little" is related to thousands of households. After the Xixi Center volunteer service team will continue to focus on the theme of "Day and night", to carry out a series of activities such as "one old and one small" psychological care service, and send intimately to residents in the

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