Football News: The Football Association sent a letter to the clubs to discuss whether to let go of the transfer of different places, neutral names, etc.

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Live broadcast December 16th According to the "Football News" report,breaking news the Chinese Football Association issued the "Notice on Soloing the Opinions of the Related Policies of the 2024 Vocational League in the 2024 season" to the three -level league club on December 12 to investigate the questionnaire to various clubs to various clubsInvestigate.The survey content mainly includes three major aspects, which are the relevant policies, relevant requirements, and competition methods.The time to submit the questionnaire is on the 14th. Considering the conduct of this survey, the time required for the collation of the subsequent investigation results, and the relevant policy adjustment that may occur, it will not be excluded that the announcement of the access results will be extended.

Migration in different places is the focus of discussion

In the "Notice on Following the Opinions of the Related Policy of the 2024 Season", the relatively important aspect is the first major aspect, that is, the league policy. In this part, the Football Association has 5 related issues.

The first is the conditions for conditions (the transfer of the Sports Bureau and the Member Association's consent to transfer, and the transfer of the local members, the sports bureau and the local government agreed to transfer it in, and no more transfer within 5 years.) Whether the club's foreign transfer policy is supported.

Different places are put in the first place because in recent years, there are many clubs who seek to transfer in different places.For example, in Zibo Cuju last year, we were seeking transfer to a district and county in Chongqing. This year, several Chinese teams tried to survive in Chongqing. Last year, Jiu Niu, who was also in China, once obtained the transfer of Changsha.The Football Association's transfer permit; there are many ideas as these two furniture music departments, and there are many, but last year, the policy was suddenly stopped when the policy was released, and the relocation plan of many furniture music departments fell.

After the end of the league this season, the many Furniture Department hopes to "release" different places and make preparations in advance.Recently, it is reported that a family named Shenzhen Shencheng Football Club Co., Ltd. was registered and established on December 14.Hui Culture Creative Co., Ltd. holds 100 % of the shares of Shenzhen City Club.This shows that Jiu Niu has been prepared in advance in terms of moving to Shenzhen.

As we all know, the deep debt of the relegation last season was huge, with serious wages, and difficulties in access. Shenzhen has sufficient attraction for professional clubs. Therefore, there are many professional clubs who have relocated to Shenzhen, except for Jiu Niu Niu NiuIn addition, at least two have this idea, including Meizhou, the Super League team in the province.

Whether the club is allowed to relocate different places, the Football Association has previously expressed his statement, which is likely to maintain its original in the 2024 season.However, judging from the current time point and the Football Association's questionnaire, the opinions of the third -level league club may become an important reference.

Change of equity changes affect survival

In the questionnaire, the second important issue related to league policy is whether to support the "adjustment of existing equity changes policies"In the 2016 notice issued by the Football Association on the" Regulations on the Transfer of the Chinese Football Association Professional Football Club ", there are clear and refined regulations on the transfer of the club's equity.

In terms of transfer situation and principles, the Football Association stipulates that professional football clubs can conduct important equity transfer and secondary equity transfer. Among them, important equity transfer refers to the total equity or important equity of the club (after the equity changes, the proportion of shareholders's shareholders is not low.In 30%, or the proportion of shareholders' voting rights is not less than 30%), or change due to changes in equity, replacement of legal representatives, borrowings, mortgages, equity pledge, and agency agreementChange of equity transfer; secondary equity transfer refers to the change of equity changes outside the above important equity transfer.

Among them, the important point is that the club that obtained the qualifications of upgrades must not be transferred in the year after the end of the low level season. This is related to the fate of the A -runner -up Dalian Zhixing in the middle of the season.

On November 29, the Dalian Public Security Bureau filed a judicial auction of the Dalian Zhixing Club, and the auction was 100%equity of the club.The auction officially started at 8 o'clock on December 1, with a starting price of 1.4674 million yuan and a deposit of 3 million yuan.Although the first shot was shot, on the morning of the 12th, some buyers bid at the starting price.Some evidence shows that Dalian Zhixing has completed the change of the person in charge. Before the change, the person in charge was Zhou Chuanyu, and the person in charge after the change was Wang Kui.However, if you continue to implement the equity transfer policy in 2016, the transfer of Dalian Zhixing is "invalid".

Does the "neutral name" continue?

The third and fourth issues are related to neutral names, namely whether the "continuing neutral policy" supports, and whether the "allowing the first team of the club and echelon names at all levels" is supported.

The neutral reform is clearly mentioned in the 50 of the "General Plan for China Football Reform and Development" issued by the State Council in 2015. In the "Several Measures on Further Promoting Football Reform and Development" issued by the Football Association in December 2020, emphasizing all levels at all levelsProfessional clubs have completed the name "non -enterprise" before the 2021 season. If the change is not completed, the club is eligible for registration.With the premise of access, the neutral name is 5 years, but at that time, the outside world believed that the "one -size -fits -all" approach was too rude.

Adopting a neutral name and an epidemic, many investors have lost interest in football, which has a greater impact on the operation of the club.However, on this issue, the general trend is like this, and there should be no possibility of going back.However, in the first team and echelon, you can open a window. For the clubs, it is an unexpected joy. If it is implemented, the income should increase to a certain extent.

The fifth survey of the league policy is whether to continue to use the original club's financial agreed indicators.In view of the current dilemma of the current third -level league, the possibility of the original financial agreed indicators changes.

In addition, the questionnaire survey also involves two parts: access -related requirements and competition methods.The access parts involve two parts: the number of existing club echelons and the relevant requirements of the stadium.The competition measures involve two parts: the existing competition methods of the professional league, the schedule and the professional league foreign player policy.

There are five options for foreign aid policies, namely: A: increase the number of foreign aid places; B: the number of applicants is consistent with the number of players; C: reduce the number of foreign aid places; D: increase the number of young foreign aid; E: Other opinions.This policy can be selected more. Considering that Song Kai talked about "the rules of the Football Team of the Football Team and studying the foreign aid policy" when Song Kai was in his inauguration.Compared with the issue of survival, it is not urgent to change this policy.

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