Guangyuan's football team 6 games won the 4th "Gongga Cup" Finals in Sichuan Province

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On December 3rd,Breaking news the 4th "Gongga Cup" Youth Campus Football League High School Men's Group Competition was successfully concluded in Neijiang City National · Southern Lianjie Football Training Base.On behalf of the city, Guangyuan Tianli School men's high school football team won the finals in the 6th game.

In the group competition, Guangyuan Tianli School successively 6: 0 victors Yang, 5: 4 victory in Luzhou, 6: 0 wins Sichuan Trade, 2: 0 victory in Deyang, 9: 0 victory in Yibin, 3: 1 victory Suining, 6 games in full battle, full 6 gamesWinning, the absolute advantage of 31 goals lost 4 goals and 27 goals locks the first name of the group.

Ren Xiaobin, head coach of the men's high school football team of Guangyuan Tianli School, introduced that in order to prepare for the "Gongga Cup", the school started team training very early.Some time ago, most of the team members participated in the three major cities in Sichuan Province as a member of the Guangyuan team and achieved the top eight good results.

Next, the Men's High School Football Team of Guangyuan Tianli School will do the corresponding training on the problems found in the game, actively prepare for the finals, and strive to achieve better results.

It is reported that the "Gongga Cup" is a youth campus competition jointly organized by the Provincial Sports Bureau, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, including three major items of basketball, football and volleyball. This year is the fourth session.In the 2021 "Gongga Cup" competition, Guangyuan Tianli won the runner -up.

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Original title: "Guangyuan, the football team, 6 games, win the 4th" Gongga Cup "Finals in Sichuan Province"

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