Hebei Anping: escort the happy family to fight for health messenger

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The opening scene of the "Health Family" event (Photo by Zhou Boyu)

In order to further promote the establishment of provincial health counties and deepen the construction of healthy health, recently, Anping County, Hebei Province held a centralized grant ceremony of a healthy family, and awarded 101 healthy families in the county.Healthy daily necessities.At the same time, a lecture on health knowledge with the theme of "Healthy Life -Three Reduction and Three Health" was carried out.

Health Knowledge Lecture (Photo by Zhou Buyu)

"Create a healthy family is the cells and key to create a series of activities in healthy counties in our county. I hope that everyone will be the builders of a healthy family and the spreader of healthy knowledge.Driving the improvement of the health level of the people, creating the atmosphere of "family advocating health, everyone enjoys health ', actively take the lead in promoting health knowledge, let more families and individuals understand the healthy lifestyle, and drive the masses to develop a good lifestyle." AnpingQi Changan, director of the fourth level of the County Health and Health Bureau, said.

"Healthy Family" centralized license scene (Photo by Zhou Boyu)

In the next step, the Anping County Health and Health Bureau will aim at creating provincial health counties, with the creation of healthy families as the carrier, and the principle of cultivating the health awareness and health quality of the masses., Form a strong atmosphere of advocating health, pursuit of health, and enjoying health.(Zhou Boyu)

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