Neville: Kulu value 100 million pounds; Australia's Tottenham is the best football after retiring

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After Tottenham defeated the Nottingham Forest 2-0,实时新闻 Sky Sports commentator and Manchester United Nakinoir made a comment on Tottenham and the best player Kurusovsky in the field.

About Kulusovsky

What we have seen in the past few weeks is that he played this role and became one of the rare players.

You said that he has become a player who may be worth 50 million pounds from the right, and has become a good player in the 10th position and can become a very special player, so his worth can reach 80 million or 100 million pounds.

At present, there is only a potential, and there is still a long way to go, but I saw this in his position.This is really exciting.Madison will have to work harder for this!

What Posterguru did in a short time was amazing, because he not only implemented a concept, but also established amazing things.From the perspective of football, this is actually quite complicated.

Let players enter the position and let them operate like clocks. For coaches, it may take several months and 40 to 50 games for two to three seasons.Even for Manchester City's Guadiola, it took some time to achieve the goal he wanted in the first few seasons.

But for Bostkigru, his way of playing is really amazing.If you are Manchester City, one or two years after losing Guardiola, you will watch Posterguru and say: This is what we want to see.

Tottenham must enjoy all of this, because this kind of football play is so exciting.They may not even get the top four, but what they can do is to make people appreciate. This is one of the best football I saw in the ten years after retiring.

I like to watch Tottenham and play football, but this is not always the case in the past few years.They often run in the backcourt, and they will let you hesitate, but they will also give you a chance.If you have a real advantage opposite, it will be a truly exciting game.

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