Reporter: Al Mada confirmed to go to Europe, Juventus, Milan Shuangxiong & Naples followed

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Original title: Reporter: Al Mada confirmed to go to Europe,突发新闻 Juventus, Milan Shuangxiong & Naples followed

Live broadcast, December 6th According to reporter SUSY CAMPAMPANALE, Al Mada has confirmed that he wants to leave the Atlanta Union and go to Europe. AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus and Naples are paying close attention to his situation.

The 22 -year -old Al Mada's front waist can also be the right width or left side. He has played 4 games on behalf of the Argentine national team and scored 1 goal.The contract between Al Mada and the Atlanta Union will be in December 2025. In an interview with ESPN, he said he wanted to go to Europe in the next transfer window.

According to the transfer market network, the Agland Union's asked for about 20 million euros, but the teams of Serie A will face fierce competition from Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool and Barcelona.In the summer window, Jane Tori tried to push Naples to sign the Al -Mada, but then he went to Juventus, and the plan was abandoned.

If Juventus wants to introduce Al Madas, it is likely to sell the teenager to Tottenham to raise funds.In recent months, Milan Shuangxiong has also been associated with Al Mba's transfer, but they may have other priority in January.

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