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  TheCurrent Affairs United States made an important decision on September 2. According to the news released by the United States, US President Biden announced the extension of the policy of imposing tariffs on China.The overall strategy of trade is to punish Chinese Chinese goods, so as to try to suppress China ’s manufacturing industry.

  China is the largest production and exporter in the world. China is a veritable "world factory". Today, China is the largest trading partner of more than 130 countries.It can be seen that Chinese products are popular in the world.In the process of globalization, China seized the opportunity of development and became a big manufacturing country.

  Trump began to have a "trade war" in China, and for this reason, the United States paid a heavy price. Although the tax on the surface increased the taxes of the US customs, in fact, the interests obtained from the American people. The original intention of the United States is to weaken ChinaThe competitiveness of goods, but only in the new crown virus epidemic, only China has maintained normal production and life, so China can continue to provide products from all over the world.

  The United States is still the country with the most serious epidemic in the new crown virus. Therefore, it has caused a huge impact on the US economy. The United States has not returned to the level of 2019, and it has encountered an impact of inflation.Because the United States has imposed tariffs on Chinese goods, it has pushed the inflation in the United States. The United States in the world has studied whether to cancel the "trade war" in China. If the additional tariffs are given, the US CPI index will decline.

  However, the United States still has to say about China's "trade war" and try to force China to make concessions by improving tariffs. Obviously, the United States has overestimated its ability. Therefore, the United States now needs China.There are not many. Only a few cards can be used to fight against China. In fact, the "trade war" is no longer a card, but a bitter fruit made by the United States. This time, the United States will move stones to smash its feet.Continuing tariffs will not increase its support for the US Democratic Party because it hurts the actual interests of the American people.

  Bayon's Ruyi cards are trying to obtain more support by extending the "trade war" of China, because the Democratic Party is facing the problem of mid -term elections.The subsequent ruling will have a huge impact. Therefore, US President Biden not only wants the United States to continue to fight against China, but also digs Trump's black history. Recently, the US FBI copied Trump's luxury homes and won TrumpPu illegally possesses evidence of confidential documents.

  In order to win the election, Biden and the United States Democratic Party have adopted the use of three abuses. The United States announced the extension of the "trade war" for China.of.202209042/Global Defense Observation/Ali, although tariffs on Chinese goods have impacted the competitiveness of Chinese goods, but China immediately adjusted. Today, ASEAN is China's largest trading partner.

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