The European Central Bank Management Commission Kazimir said that interest rate cuts in the first quarter were "science fiction"

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Peter Kazimir,exclusive information a member of the European Central Bank Management Commission, did not agree that the market's bet on the first quarter of the first quarter next year.

According to a post published on the social media platform X, the governor of the Slovak central bank said that he agreed to the point of view of the European Central Bank executive director Isabel Schnabel, that is, "the newly announced inflation data support does not require further tightening the policy.""However, it is expected that interest rate cuts in the first quarter of 2024 are science fiction."

The data released last week showed that after the euro zone's inflation is slowed faster than expected, investors have bet on interest rates earlier.They are expected to cut interest rates about 150 basis points next year, and the possibility of the first operation will occur in March.

Martins Kazaks, the governor of the central bank of Latvia, said in a earlier speech on Wednesday that such actions may not be taken in the first half of 2024.However, he warned that if economic outlook changes, "our interest rate decision may change."

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