"In the future, Taiwanese people may not know who Sun Yat -sen is": all circles of Taiwan criticize the "Taiwan independence curriculum"

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Reference News Network reported on December 10th Recently,热点资讯 Guizhi, the first female high school teacher area in Taipei, detonated the public opinion on the island, and criticized the DPP authorities of the DPP authorities.

According to the Taiwan media reports, at the press conference of "de -China historical education" this Monday, District Guizhi said that the new ancient text deleted by the new curriculum that has been implemented year by year from 2019, such as Gu Yanwu's "Integrity and shameful shame", So that students no longer have the opportunity to think about why" the shame of the scholars is the shame of the state ", and it is said that the new syllabus" is a "shame" syllabus. "

Not only Gu Yanwu's "Lian Shame", the media on the island summarized the differences between the new curriculum and the previous version of the syllabus. It was found that a total of 17 classic masterpieces were deleted, including Xunzi's "Persuasion", Qu Yuan's "Fisherman's Father", Cao Yu’s"The Document · Thesis", Wang Xizhi's "Lanting Collection", Liu Zongyuan's "Starting West Mountain Banquet", Fan Zhongyan's "Yueyang Tower", and Ouyang Xiu's "Drunk Weng Ting Ji" and so on.

The bombardment of Guizhi caused heated discussions on the island.Some netizens posted a post saying, "If you think more about ancient texts, you can still enrich the word choice of words and writing. For example, if you want to praise others, you will have such a difference."Message, Ma Ying -jeou wrote: "Cold nightkee comes to tea, a piece of ice is in the jade pot." And Tsai Ing -wen wrote: "Andy, good tea!" Other netizens sent the signature of the two in the Aya Round StoreIn the title, Ma Ying -jeou wrote a brush calligraphy in "Smelling incense", while Tsai Ing -wen wrote "Aya meat, really delicious."

Many netizens screamed after watching, "Laughing to death", "very clear contrast", "people are more popular than popular", "This is too rough", "No harm to compare."

Guo Zhengliang, a former people in Taiwan, said on the 8th that Chinese history is so long, and the articles selected by the education department were representative in that era.Qi Festival, some positive value.However, now (the DPP authorities) just don't want you to know this.

Guo Zhengliang then pointed out that the soul of a nation is expressed in representative words and representative heroes. Now the language syllabus is changed at the same time as the historical class.Read.In the future, you may not know who Sun Yat -sen is, or you won't know much about him.It will be a programming understanding of Chinese history. Like the history of Chinese history, you will understand a lot of details, so you will remember.

Taiwan's "Lianhe Daily" published an article on this incident that the word "lack" was selected as the representative of the year in the island.The DPP authorities lack virtue and make the people miss everything.At this time, Queen Guizhi criticized the new curriculum to delete Gu Yanwu's "Hommeter" as a "Shameless Curriculum" video, all over Taiwan.She scolded the syllabus, and the people thought of the DPP authorities.

The article pointed out that Queen Guizhi quoted a phrase "the shame of the scholars is a national shame."Those who causing water shortage, electricity, ghost masks, vaccines, and people who lack eggs, lack money, and sense of security are not "good officials I do"?Affair can be promoted, and students say that corruption is still involved.

"Lack of integrity" is not only the sorrow of education in Taiwan, but also a portrayal of politics in the island.

Taiwan's "China Times" also published an editorial that the Democratic Progressive Party continued to distort the true meaning of Chinese under the "de -China" policy.It is only one of them to cancel the classical Chinese. More importantly, the values carried in the ancient texts, including loyalty, filial piety, love, righteousness, and shame. They are regarded as old rituals and feudal morals by the content makers of the new curriculum.The new language syllabus only emphasizes the functionality of Chinese and no longer carrys the mission of cultural heritage.This is the most fatal.

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