The European Cup death group was released in 2024!Buffon: Italy's signing is like 2012

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Thebreaking news results of the German and European Cup in 2024 attracted widespread attention, especially the composition of Group B, which was nicknamed the "death group".These include the defending champion Italy, Spain, Croatia, and Albania. Such a group of groups can not help but think of the 2012 scene. The Italian door god Buffon also stated in the comments that "Italy's signing is like 2012."

The strength of the death group is consistent with the European Cup high -level national team events.In Group B, many powerful teams are gathered, the defending champion Italy, Spain, which has won the European Cup champion, and Croatia, which has performed well in international competitions in recent years, their confrontation will bring fierce competitions.

Buffon's view of group competition emphasized the emphasis on Albania and expressed his humble attitude towards the competition.This attitude highlights the reality of any opponent in football games.In Group B, each team has the opportunity to show its strength, and the strength of the opponent will also become the driving force for fierce competition.

As a defending champion, Italy shoulder major pressure.Successful defending needs to face more powerful opponents and more intense competition, but it also adds highlights to each game, becoming an opportunity to show strength.

The Spanish team has not performed well in the past few competitions, but has been re -proven to their opportunities in Group B.They have many young and promising players and experienced veterans. How to stand out in Group B will be the challenges they face and the starting point for their return to its peak.

Croatia has risen into a remarkable team in recent years, especially in the 2018 World Cup.They have powerful players, such as "Golden Generation" Modric and Rakitic.In the competition of Group B, Croatia is expected to show better performance and impact the highest honor of the European Cup.

Although Albania performed mediocre in the past competitions, they may make their debut in the competition.Group B is nicknamed "Death Group", but it is also an opportunity for each team to show strength.

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