Li Zongwei celebrates his 3 child's son!The 1 -meter -high cake is too luxurious, obtained the title of the title, and the rank of the Lieutenant Colonel of the Navy

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Original title: Li Zongwei celebrates his Popular information3 child's son!The 1 -meter -high cake is too luxurious, obtained the title of the title, and the rank of the Lieutenant Colonel of the Navy

Recently, Malaysian badminton star Li Zongwei took photos on social media to celebrate the birthday of the third child.It attracted heated discussions and attention from fans and media.

Among the few photos of Li Zongwei on social media, a family of five people was rare in the same frame.The eldest son and the second son stood in front, and the woman Huang Miaozhu held the third child and Li Zongwei in the back row.The boss and the second child are wearing short sleeves and shorts in the lower body.Huang Miaozhu was wearing a white short sleeve and holding the third child in his right hand.Li Zongwei was wearing a short sleeve -like lattice, and his lower body was blue denim trousers.Five people were full of smiles.

In another photo, Li Zongwei hugged the old third to appear.The third child's dress is also cool.Short -sleeved shorts, two bright eyes, look very cute!And Li Zongwei felt like he continued to lose weight.For the third child's birthday, Li Zongwei was also carefully prepared.The scene was very festive.The walls are covered with a variety of balloons celebrating birthdays. In front of them, a birthday cake of more than one meter high is placed!In the photos, all show a strong sense of happiness!However, some netizens think that such a big cake is too luxurious, but Li Zongwei's confirmed life, his social status in Malaysia is quite high. At the age of 39, he won the title of the title, and as early as 2016Promote the rank of Lieutenant Colonel!

As the greatest athlete in the history of Malaysian badminton, Li Zongwei's greatest regret is that he failed to win the singles champion of the World Championship.Three Olympic Games, three times to the finals, but regrets all the runner -up.In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2012 London Olympic Games, Li Zongwei was defeated by Lin Dan in the finals. At the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, Li Zongwei lost to Chen Long and won the runner -up again.Even so, Li Zongwei won 69 championships in the major branches of the World Badminton Federation.In 2018, Li Zongwei suffered from nasopharyngeal.To treat the disease, Li Zongwei spent millions.Electric therapy 33 times, in severe cases, all the throat ulcers!There is no way to eat at all, and you can only maintain your physical strength by relying on nutritional needles.Fortunately, cure!The injury returned, and Li Zongwei also wanted to continue his career, but unfortunately, he found that he was old!So before the Tokyo Olympics, Li Zongwei chose to retire with regret.

Li Zongwei and Lin Dan, as the two major kings of the badminton, their duel was once the focus of the game.There are opponents on the field, and friends under the court.After retiring, they still maintain a very good connection!In May this year, both of them were selected into the World Badminton Hall of Fame.However, the selection of Li Zongwei still caused doubts.Because he is the king of unparalleled!In the Olympic Games and World Championships, Li Zongwei failed to win the singles project.But the World Badminton Federation supports Li Zongwei.I think his influence and the development of badminton have made great contributions!

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