The European Cup Death Group! West, Italy, and Ke "Old Friends"! Optimistic about the three teams to join hands to advance to the top 16

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Spain,火速资讯 Croatia, Italy, Albania, the European Cup B Group B in 2024, the so -called "death group".

Among these four teams, in addition to Albania, one of the big black horses in the European preliminaries, West, Ke, and Yi are old opponents of the past competitions, and they are very familiar with each other.

Spain VS Italy

Spain and Italy met for the fifth consecutive time in the European Cup.The two teams are 1 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss, and two games in the two games are also winning one game. The record is divided into autumn.

The two sides played for the last time, Spain won 2-1, with a total historical record of 15 wins and 13 draws and 12 losses, which is also slightly better. According to the existing strength and status of the two sides, Spain should be a greater chance of winning.

Spain VS Croatia

In Spain's against Croatia, although every process is difficult, the "Bull Fighting Legion" is undoubtedly a greater side.

The two sides played 10 times in history. Spain 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses and 25 goals lost 16 goals. The last player was the European Finals that broke in Italy in June this year.The ball defeated Croatia 5-4 and won the championship.In the last European Cup 1/8 final, the two teams were very anxious.Spain was dragged into the overtime by 3-1, and finally laughed to the end 5-3.

In terms of strength, Croatia, which is aging at core staff, must be a disadvantaged side, but under Dalich's training, Croatia is stable and extremely tenacious. It is not easy for Spanish to win the game in 90 minutes.

Italy vs Croatia

If Spain is the bitter master of Croatia, Croatia is also one of Italy's bitter master.In the past, the two sides had confrontation. Croatia 9 games and 3 wins and 5 draws, only one defeat, has been unbeaten in 81 years, occupying an absolute advantage.

However, the 2002 World Cup and the 2012 European Cup two competition groups encountered. Italy eventually stabbed Croatia as the second in the group.Croatia was eliminated, and this time was repeated, and the third group also had the opportunity to advance. I wonder if the three teams can successfully gather in the top 16.


As the weakest team in the group, Albania can overwhelm the Czech Republic and Poland. The first name of the European preliminaries is available, proving that they are by no means a fish that is slaughtered.

There are many Serie Acedles in the Albanian array, such as Astraney and Bayiram, and the defense system is very good.Last year they played against Spain and Italy in the friendly match. The scores of the two games were 1-2 and 1-3. The strength was gapd but it was not actions.

In history, Albania has never played against Croatia.Facing Spain 8 times, scoring 3 goals and throwing 31 goals, keeping defeat.Faced with all the facing Italy also ended in failure, and the goal was 1: 7.


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