Tesla builds V4 super charging stations in many countries in Europe, the highest power is up to 350kW

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  [Intellectual Car News] According to foreign media reports,moment information Tesla started a newly -built super charging station in October, with some V4 super charging piles with higher charging power.The smart car school was informed that with the advancement of construction, the charging station equipped with V4 super charging piles has expanded to more countries.At present, Tesla has built super charging stations equipped with this type of new super charging pile in many European countries.

Tesla V4 Super Packed Station

  Foreign media said that Tesla's super charging stations in recent weeks, including four charging stations in Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, are equipped with V4 super charging piles.Specifically, 2 of them are located in Mabela and Kastlion in Spain, with 4 and 12 V4 super charging piles; 1 is located in Wolvega in the Netherlands, with 20 V4 super charging piles; 1 block; 1CARLSWERK, Germany, has 11 V4 super charging piles.In addition, Tesla has built charging stations equipped with V4 super charging piles in other countries. For example, in Wilsonville in Oregon, there are 8 V4 super charging piles.

Tesla V4 Super Packed Station

  Compared with common V3 super charging piles, the Tesla V4 super charging pile can provide higher charging power, up to 350kW, which is higher than the 250kW of V3, and the charging speed is faster.In addition, the V4 super charging pile is also equipped with longer cables, which is more convenient to charge.

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