5 -character famous words (12 selected sentences)

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1. Interpretation: Only by trying to fight all the best can you succeed.

2,一手资讯 24) I went to Yiyi in the past, Yang Liu Yiyi; today I think about it, rain and snow!

3. The autumn arrived, and the fruit of the golden red on the tree showed a smile, and she nodded at us.(5 words of names).

4. From the Spring and Autumn Period, Confucianist founder Confucius's remarks on learning were included in the Analects of Confucius.Meaning: Isn't it very happy to study and practice?Extended information: about the famous saying of reading:

5. The intention is that a person should have a noble and far -sized ambition, admire the sages, abstain from lust, abandon the factors that hinder the advancement, and make the sages' aspirations significantly survive in themselves.Discard trivial, and ask people to consult people widely to remove suspicion and sting, so that even if you are stranded due to frustration, you will not damage your own beautiful aspirations, so why not worry about your purpose.

6. Young Yi Lao Xue is difficult to achieve, and one inch of time should not be light.—— Zhu Xi

7. Even if you do n’t do bad things, or do n’t call others sad, in fact, you will still do wrong and cause unfortunate consequences.Anyone who is careless, can't see the kindness of others, and the lack of decisiveness, can also harm people.--"pride and Prejudice"

8. No longer come yesterday.Famous quotes, names and sentences, 5 words, 5 words, 5 characters, and famous sentences.· Yan Yuan "is almost brave -Kong Qiu thinks twice -" The Analects of Confucius "is not found -Franklin is not fast -" The Analects of Confucius · Zilu "—— "Tang Yan Yan · Volume Hate" people take food as the sky- "Hanshu · Shengsheng Lu Jia Lie Biography"."No Winds," Gao Yubao "without officials-" He Zi Yisheng Fourth Sun "Dongfeng blowing horse ears: Source: Tang Li Bai's poem:" The world heard this, and it is like the east wind shooting the horse's ears. "

9. In the days of waiting, study hard, be humble, and grow deeply, and will be lush in the future.

10. Don't take evil for small, do not take goodness and small -not -Chen Shou's "Three Kingdoms"

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