Tesla Cybertruck may never be launched in Europe to reveal the reasons

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  [Intellectual Car News] After four years of delay,exclusive information the first batch of production specifications of Tesla Cybertruck was finally delivered last week.However, although American customers who have ordered this full electric pickup card are expected to buy this electric car at some time next year, European reservations should not have too much hope, there are three reasons.

Tesla Cybertruck

  The first is because Cybertruck is too heavy.Cybertruck has 845 horsepower, which only takes 2.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles/h. It is a fast truck, but it is also a heavy truck.The top CyberBeast weighs 6843 pounds, equipped with three motors and a battery of about 123 kWh.Cybertruck is too heavy, and ordinary car driver's licenses cannot be driven in Europe.

  In Europe, people with a Class B driver's license (for ordinary passenger cars) can drive the maximum vehicle with a maximum weight of 3.5 tons (ie 7716 pounds).Although Cybertruck's weight is lower than the limit, the number of 6843 pounds does not consider a valid load of 2500 pounds.Add up to 9343 pounds or 4237 kg.This has not considered the weight of passengers.

  According to data, Cybertruck has two possible vehicle total reducing values (GVWR): G-Class-Glass-greater than 3629 kg to 4082 kg (8001-9000 pounds); H Class-4082 kg to 4536 kg (9001-10000 pounds).The minimum rating is higher than that of European restrictions.This means that if you want to sell in Europe, Cybertruck customers will need to have a Class C license, which is suitable for vehicles with more than 3.5 tons or 7716 pounds of GVWR. 

  However, compared with ordinary Class B driver's licenses, the cost of trucks has a higher cost, and fewer people have obtained such driver's licenses. If they do not intend to drive trucks.Therefore, it is not ideal to enter the European market for vehicles that need to produce and sell a large amount.

  Another that may make Cybertruck a unique factor in the United States is that large pickups have limited attractiveness in Europe for many years.Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi L200 (also known as Triton), Volkswagen AMAROK and Ford Ranger ruled the European market segment, so large trucks like Tesla will be difficult to get a share in this market.

  Pedro Pacheco, Vice President of Gartner for Business Insider, said: "For vehicles in the Cybertruck class, the European market is not large because pickup trucks are usually not common."

  Finally, there is a problem with the charging port.Although Tesla's so -called North American charging standard (NACS) connector is about to become the choice of electric vehicles in the United States and Canada markets, Europe has accepted the CCS2 standard.Even the Tesla super charging station in Europe is equipped with a CCS2 connector.

  Therefore, if you want to sell Cybertruck in Europe, Tesla must install a CCS2 plug on Cybertruck in some way.This means that Tesla may think this is too troublesome in adjustment of hardware and software.

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