The situation has changed?The Gaza War has entered a new stage of blood, and the United States has shot, and the muzzle is aligned with Israel

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With the end of the temporary ceasefire agreement between Pakistani, the situation in the Gaza area has entered a new stage of more dangerous and turbulent.

Israel has fully upgraded its military operations in the Gaza Strip. It not only continues to air strikes, but also promotes the ground forces, bringing a devastating blow to the region, leading to a large number of civilian casualties and humanitarian disasters.

At the same time, the United States, as an Israeli long -term allies, has also adopted rare "punishment measures" to try to put a certain pressure on Israel, which indicates various tests facing the US government.

Since the end of the temporary ceasefire, Israel has changed its previous relatively restrained attitude and began to completely dispatch the Air Force and ground forces to attack the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli tanks, armored vehicles, and bulldozers of the Army are promoting along the southern front of the Gaza, ready to launch a further crackdown on Khanisi and surrounding areas.

Satellite images show that about 150 Israeli tanks and other armored vehicles assembled 6 kilometers away from Khanis.

During this period, the Israeli fighter was also constantly air strikes including Khan Jurne and Lafa, causing a large number of civilian casualties.

On December 4th alone, two schools were bombed by the Israeli military, causing 50 people to die, and more than 20 were injured.The Gaza War has undoubtedly entered a new stage of more bloody and cruel.

Compared with the devastating military strikes and civilian casualties suffered by the Gaza area, Israel is still maintaining a hypocritical and cruel posture.

Before initiating the bombing of the city, Israel also invested the "evacuation warning" leaflet with the local people.These leaflets are printed with a QR code, claiming that it canLink toThe evacuation information of the designated safety evacuation area issued by the Israeli Ministry of Defense.

But in fact, after this conflict broke out, Israel has cut off all the hydropower supply and network access of Gaza, and the local people have no way to scan these QR code at all.

The release of these leaflets is more like the army is doing a false performance, trying to install the illusion of obeying international law.

With the upgrading of the situation and the increase in the number of civilian casualties, the international community has also begun to express their concerns about the humanitarian disaster in Gaza, and call on relevant aspects to stop military operations to ensure the safe transportation of humanitarian assistance.

UN Secretary -General Gutres once again strongly called on all parties to implement Gaza's humanitarian ceasefire agreement, pointing out that local people have nowhere to escape and urgently need international assistance.

Relevant officials of the United Nations agencies also stated that whether in the southern part of Gaza or other areas, local civilians are facing the same life threat, and the bombing of government and hospitals such as schools and hospitals has heavier humanitarian disasters in this region.

It is worth noting that in this intensified military conflict, the long -term allies in Israel, the United States, also adopted a rare approach to clearly put pressure on Israel by "punitive measures" such as travel restrictions.

According to the U.S. State Department, they will perform travel restrictions on some extreme Jewish settlements in the west bank of the Jordan River, and some extreme Jews in the Palestinian civilians.

This ban is expected to cover dozens of settlers and their families who have implemented the attack.US Secretary of State also stated that if the violence of these settlers continues, more people will be included in the blacklist.

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