The results of the 3rd Community Games results exhibition of Tianjin held a broadcast article in Dongli District

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On December 2nd, the 3rd Community Games Achievement Exhibition Conference with the theme of "Sports Community · Vitality Tianjin" was held at the National Fitness Activity Center of Dongli District.

The conference commended the eight district sports administrative departments and 32 street towns with outstanding results in the organization of the community Games.

The exhibition conference set up competitions: exhibition category and competitive categories with high participation in community games.Through the holding of community sports meetings at all levels, the selection of excellent teams to participate in two major categories of display competitions brought a wonderful community sports meeting "report performance".On the performance of the performance project, the elaborate square dance, fitness exercise, health qigong, Tai Chi fan, martial arts, Huayu and other projects have both ornamental and participation.The competitive air ball and table tennis projects are fierce and fascinating.

In order to promote the sharing of sports development results, the conference carried out the "athletes enter the grassroots" national fitness volunteer service activities.In the area of volleyball and basketball activities, the Tianjin women's volleyball players Wang Ning and Yu Weiwei, Tianjin men's volleyball team Liu Haotian, Tianjin men's basketball team Su Yu, Li Zonglin, Chen Jialin and other outstanding athletes respectively explained, demonstrated, technical and tactical guidance, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness guidance, scientific fitness guidance,Avoiding damage and other content conducts scientific and professional fitness guidance for the fitness people and adolescents, so that the masses have improved the ability to exercise, and enrich the methods of scientific fitness.

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