Tesla was "power off", Musk: crazy

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Tesla faces a wave of strikes in Sweden,breaking news and the union requires raising wages and benefits.Elon Musk said in a post on X that the strike disrupted the delivery and was "crazy".The strike is now spreading to Denmark, and the Danish dock workers also refuse to unload Tesla's electric vehicles.

After the wandering wave of Sweden spread to Denmark, Tesla was involved in the increasingly fierce struggle with the European trade unions.The Danish dock workers refused to remove the car of the American electric car giant to support the Swedish Tesla workers. The latter required to raise wages and benefits, which caused a big name for Tesla's boss Elon Musk as "crazy".Scope strike.

Danish 3F Trade Union Chairman Jan Villadsen said in a statement: "Like these companies, the trade union movement is global in protecting workers."

Strikes will only affect cars sent to the Swedish market.Tesla Swedish factory workers are strike to force Tesla's 120 employees to work in the Swedish service department to reach a collective agreement on wages and benefits.The other nine Swedish unions also joined the strike. The dock workers refused to uninstall Tesla's car to the port, and the electrician refused to repair Tesla's charging station.

Swedish postal service also joined the strike in November, which means that for a period of time, the country's new Tesla owner cannot receive their license plates or registered their cars. Musk said in an article on X.This is "crazy".

After a court ruled that the Swedish transportation bureau must ensure that the license was delivered or faced a fine, the situation was temporarily relieved.But for Tesla, labor disputes are not time, because it is trying to maintain its position as the world's largest electric vehicle manufacturer.

Sweden and Denmark are not the only problem currently facing Tesla. The electric car giant is also facing a new wave of pressure from the US trade union.

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