The Lebanon capital was hit, and the vice chairman of the Harma Politburo died

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On January 2nd,high speed information local time, a Hamas office in the suburbs of Berut, the Lebanese capital, was hit by a drone by drones. The explosion caused the Palestinian Islamic Islamic resistance (Hamas) senior leader Saleh Arouri to dieEssenceIt is reported that Aruri is the vice chairman of the Harma Politburo and the founder of the Kasan Brigade of Hamas's armed factions.As senior Hamas officials in Lebanon, he plays an important role in consolidating the relations between Hamas and Lebanon Real Party.On the day of the incident, he was attacked in the densely populated Dax.The Daxi area is an important base for the Lebanon Lord.The Allah pointed his finger at Israel, saying that the air strike involved a drone carrying three rockets. The drone fired a missile to a three -story apartment building, causing at least 6 people to die.Fang has not yet claimed to be responsible for the attack.The Israeli National Defense Force spokesman Daniel Hagari refused to comment on the killing of Ali, only saying that the Israeli Army was "in a high degree of alertness in defense and offensive."

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