The European Central Bank does not rule out the possibility of interest rate hikes to continue the downward innovation low within the euro day

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On Wednesday (December 6),实时新闻 the euro maintained a decline against the US dollar, temporarily reported at 1.07910, a decrease of 0.03%. Today, the opening report was 1.07951, with a maximum touch of 1.07990, and the minimum touch of 1.07878.Paying close attention, most of the views believe that the probability of this time is to maintain interest rates, but traders are waiting for clues to find the European Central Bank's interest rates at the European Central Bank.

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Local time on Tuesday, the European Central Bank Management Commission BORIS VUJCIC said that if the European Central Bank's economic prediction proof is correct, the bank will not reduce the cost of borrowing in the short term.He said: "If our forecast is proven to be correct in 2024 and 2025, then interest rate cuts are certain. This is not expected in the short term. Talking about this is too early."

He further supplemented, "If our prediction is correct, there will be no additional interest rates in this case, and the benchmark scenario is that interest rates will not further rise, but we have said that we depend on data. In the future, we will pay attention to the data released.And this concludes the conclusion of the action. "

In the end, he still emphasized that the possibility of "cannot be completely eliminated" raised interest rates again.

However, the European Central Bank executive director Isabel Schnabel said in an interview with Reuters that consumer price data released last week made it "unlikely" to raise interest rates again.He refused to comment on the possibility of cutting interest rates within six months.

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