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He has admitted itself!

On the evening of April 29,热点新闻 local time, the annual American White House Journalists Association dinner opened.During the period, the US President Biden's firepower was full, not only bombarding the former US President Trump and other political opponents, but also ridiculed the American conservative media that "black".

However, on the American social network, the most concerned of the majority of American netizens is that Biden suddenly put on sunglasses at the end of his speech, announcing that he had "blackened" a bridge & mdash; & mdash;This content that announced his "blackening" was also sent to his official social account.

Biden announced that he had blackened: he had admitted itself!

But Bayon can "blackened"?

This matter starts from 2021.After Biden won the 2020 U.S. presidential election and was elected president, many supporters of former US President Trump who hated his former US President Trump often shouted and abused Bayeon's slogan in large -scale activities such as sports events in the United States to vent them withEmotions.But in a racing race on October 2, 2021, when these "little sunspots" of Biden continued to shout, "Go to You*, Biden", a host of a mainstream American mediaI do n’t know if I was interested in maintaining Biden or accidentally listened to it, and actually said the rude words of this insulting Biden, which made it applauded by the racer who won the race at the time.

Biden announced that he had blackened: he had admitted itself!

As a result, since then, Brandon has successfully "out of the circle" and became a new code for Bayeng's "little sunspots".In other words, they will not directly name Bynden, but they will "play with the stalks" by "making good applause for Brandon" to express their "greetings" for Biden.

Biden announced that he had blackened: he had admitted itself!

However, of course, the supporters of Biden will not ignore the matter, and decide that "the body of the person with its own way" and the "black words" used to fight Biden will be turned intoSupport Biden's slogan.Interestingly, this counterattack from Biden supporters is thanks to the "inspiration" provided by Trump's supporters.

It turned out that after losing the Presidential Election in 2020, Trump's supporters have always threatened that they will make a comeback in the next presidential election in 2024, and will use a "black" attitude toExpand revenge.And because the political slogan that Trump has been playing before is "making the United States great again" and "Maga" in English, Trump's supporters will "Maga" in order to show their "blackening" attitude, and they will "Maga"It was also changed to "Dark Maga", that is, "the black version made the United States great again."

Biden announced that he had blackened: he had admitted itself!

It is precisely this "blackened" stalk, which gave Biden's supporters inspired by the stalk of "Brandon". They combined the two of them and made a stalk of "Black Huahua".It is used to indicate that Biden has also blackened and is ready to teach Trump and his supporters in 2024.

Later, Biden himself accepted the stalk of "Blacium Branton", and even used this slogan as his 2024 campaign slogan.

Biden announced that he had blackened: he had admitted itself!

And this is why Biden is now on the occasion of the United States White House Reporter Association Dinner that it is on the occasion of the United States President's President and Playing Sirdosa.He was ridiculed the "little sunspots" who scolded himself every day with "Branton" every day, while expressing his determination to continue to "fight" in the 2024 election in the 2024 election.

In the end, it is worth mentioning that in the "two -dimensional" world of comic fans, there is such a saying, called "Ten times stronger black, three -pointer washing and weak", which means that once a comic character is "blackened", his strength is strong, and his strength is strong.It will suddenly increase, but if it is "washed", the strength will become weaker.

Brother Geng Zhi did not know if Bai Deng played the "blackened" stalk, whether there was such a layer of intention to be inside.But given that the White House and even many mainstream media from time to time, from time to time, some bad decisions made by Biden "whitewashed", even if "blackening" can really make Biden "ten times stronger", it can not be worth this "whitewashing white washing white"."Let's & hellip; & hellip;

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