"Blue and Baihe" failed, Taiwanese voters "each return home", and accidents appeared (2)

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Every time in the Taiwan election,hotly discussed information there are always accidents, either an accident or an accident.

This time the accident was Qiu Yi.

The reason was Zhao Shaokang's "big mouth".

After accepting Hou Youyi's invitation to serve as his partner, Zhao Shaokang talked about why he had a good time, but he had to go to the election.He said that the grace of people was reported to the spring. At that time, his brother was threatened by a gun by the underworld in Macau by the underworld in Macau. Hou Youyi helped settle the matter.

As soon as Zhao Shaokang's remarks came out, he was immediately caught by the Green Camp.On November 30, Lu Zhongji, a supporter of Green Camp Lu Zhongji, went to the Taipei Procuratorate to accuse Hou Youyi's private law. The case that should have been filed for investigation was "Joe" (Taiwan said, and the meaning of mud).

Qiu Yi also expressed his views on the incident while participating in the Taiwan media show.Qiu Yi has something to say, Hou Youyi is a "thief head with a license" and said that the underworld "Joe" is the source of wealth.Regarding Zhao Shaokang, Qiu Yi was also polite, saying that Zhao "empty glove white wolf", "buy short and short", and walked in rivers and lakes by words and routines.

Qiu Yi's disconnection was shocking from all walks of life in Taiwan, and some mainland netizens were shocked.How much hatred is Qiu Yi and Hou and Zhao, so that he had to "make up the knife" on such a critical node on the election?

Qiu Yi entered the enrollment, and Hou and Zhao took the recruitment.On December 5th, a spokesman for Hou Youyi office took a lawyer to the Taipei Procuratorate to sue Qiu Yi and three other show participants.

Qiu Yi entered the trick again.After Hou Youyi accused Qiu Yi, Qiu Yi first posted on Facebook to fight back, saying that "there is no tolerance, he will no longer bear it." Then he reported to the Taipei Procuratorate at 4 pm that day to report Hou Youyi and Zhao Shaokang.

Strangely, according to Qiu Yi's own narrative, after Hou Youyi accused Qiu Yi, someone said to Qiu Yi, saying that the case was virtual, and he would withdraw after the election.However, Qiu Yi did not eat this set, and said that the Kuomintang's century -old party, what superficial set, and then withdrew?Don't you feel funny?

A wave of twists and turns, this "unexpected" drama appeared.

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