The amount of signing intention exceeds 2 billion yuan! The results of the first Greater Bay Area Cultural Products Investment Conference were released.

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Poke the video to see how contracting companies and investment institutions "go in both directions"

  On November 29th,high speed information 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Industry Investment Conference (Guangdong Guangzhou) closed in Guangzhou Huangpu International Conference Center.

  With the theme of Humanities Bay Area and Digital Empowerment, the conference focused on three frontier areas: generative artificial intelligence, metauniverse and digital creativity, bringing together 62 investment institutions and more than 300 high-quality cultural enterprises from all over the country, and successfully realizing the release of several cultural industry funds, with a total scale exceeding 10 billion yuan.Seven projects were signed on site, and 20 enterprises obtained the intention of signing the contract, with a cumulative amount of over 2 billion yuan and fruitful results.

  At the meeting, many industry experts said that the current cultural industry has become a new kinetic energy and engine for China's economic growth.With the blessing of science and technology and finance, Greater Bay Area's cultural industry has great potential for prosperity and development.

  Hold three investment and financing special sessions.

  18 companies took the stage "roadshow"

  On the 29th,At the conference, a special session on investment and financing of generative artificial intelligence, meta-universe and digital creativity was held, and representatives of 18 enterprises took turns to take the stage for "roadshows".

  "Fanghe Data is a service provider based on privacy computing to provide customers with safe data circulation." In the special session of investment and financing of generative artificial intelligence, Tanya, founder and CEO of Guangzhou Fanghe Data Co., Ltd., introduced the emerging industry of data elements to the guests and institutions, which attracted the attention of Guangdong Zhongke Chuangke Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. and reached the signing intention.

  Tanya told reporters that the conference was fruitful, and it was very rare to reach cooperation with Zhongke Chuangke in the current investment environment. She admits that the data factor industry is still in a very early stage, just like the Internet industry that just started at the beginning. The growth of the whole industry needs sufficient investment, and it also needs to "endure loneliness", and a great unicorn enterprise will be born in the future.

  "It happens that Zhongke Kechuang is a typical fruit-farming venture capital technology unit. Considering that our data factor industry is a new industry and needs a lot of investment in scientific research, it not only brings us resources and funds, but also discusses the future development direction with us, which makes us full of confidence in the future." Tanya said.

  On the generative artificial intelligence track, "AI+ Wenlv" has also entered the public eye.Li Shaohua, Chairman of Beijing Vision Travel Network Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that the company has built a new generation of tourism platform based on AI technology, which has been in operation for nearly a year. "At this conference, we signed a contract with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Cultural Industry Investment Fund. The financing scale of this round is about 100 million yuan."

  He told reporters that he would actively participate in the "AI+ cultural tourism" industry in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and even Greater Bay Area in the future. "Greater Bay Area is an important tourist source for global outbound travel, where young users with the most tourism potential gather and rich tourism resources are available.From this investment conference, we can also see that the whole Greater Bay Area, from the government to the investment institutions and various resources, are working together in Qi Xin, and I believe that the cultural tourism industry will be pushed to a new climax in the future."

  Promote investment and financing intention

  Seven projects were signed on site.

  On the afternoon of 29th, at the signing ceremony of financing projects, seven projects were signed on the spot, including Beijing Sightseeing Network Financing Project, Huangpu Military Academy Outer Block Property Upgrading Project, Coffee Baking College Construction Project, Guangzhou Culture and Music Festival Project, and Zhongke Chuangke and Fanghe Data, Aocai Technology and Totem Vision Financing Project.

  “We saw 18 roadshow companies, and finally signed investment intentions with 3 roadshow companies, which gained a lot.He Guoyong, vice president of Guangdong Zhongke Chuangke Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd., told reporters that investment institutions mainly consider three factors for AIGC+ cultural and technological projects: first, whether the technology itself has a threshold and innovation, and only with technology can the core ability be sustained; The second is to look at the landing scene, pay attention to which scenes the technology falls into, how the scene needs, the size of the scene space, etc. Third, look at the team, and look at the accumulation of the founders and core teams themselves in this industry.

  Many guests and experts at the meeting said that through the traction and promotion of the conference, the situation of mutual blessing and mutual empowerment of culture, finance and science and technology in Greater Bay Area will be further opened, and the pace of cultural and intellectual creation to help expand the real economy will be further accelerated.New scenes, new applications and new consumption of digital culture have emerged at an accelerated pace, which has helped Greater Bay Area's cultural industry to flourish.

  Written by: Nanfang Daily reporter Huang Yuyuan

  Photography/Video: Nanfang Daily reporter Qiu Minye

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