Strong capital supply, the growth rate of infrastructure investment is expected to rise slightly.

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  Recently,breaking news a number of major projects have been launched in various localities, and the projects under construction have also accelerated their construction progress. Experts predict that with the support of special debt funds and bank matching loans, some infrastructure projects will accelerate the formation of physical workload before the end of the year; Before the end of the year, 500 billion additional treasury bonds will be put into use, which will also form a strong support for infrastructure investment. It is expected that the growth rate of infrastructure investment will stabilize and rise slightly at the end of the year.

  Recently, the first EMU train of C6008 slowly started to leave Maoxian Station, and the Qingbaijiang East-Zhenjiang Section of Sichuan-Qinghai Railway was opened for operation, and the first bullet train line was ushered in northwest Sichuan.

  It is understood that the Qingbaijiang-Zhenjiang section of the Sichuan-Qingdao Railway is an integral part of the Lanzhou and Xining-Guangzhou passages of China's "eight verticals and eight horizontals" high-speed rail network. The geological conditions along the line are complex and the construction is difficult. All participating units promoted the construction of the project efficiently, ensuring that the project was completed as scheduled. After the line was put into operation, the northwest Sichuan Plateau officially entered the "era of motor trains".

  The Sichuan section of Xicheng Railway, a part of Lanzhou-Guangzhou high-speed railway in the "eight verticals and eight horizontals" of the medium and long-term high-speed railway network, has also pressed the "fast forward button" of the project construction. Recently, the No.1 inclined shaft of the Baozuo Tunnel of Xicheng Railway, which was built by China Railway Second Bureau, officially entered the main tunnel, which is the first time that the Sichuan section has entered the main tunnel from the inclined shaft for construction.

  "The inclined shaft of this tunnel is a Class I risk tunnel, and it is necessary to overcome the difficult problems such as cold, water gushing and soft rock mass. The project department strengthens the whole process of tunnel monitoring and measurement and surface subsidence observation to ensure the smooth progress of tunnel construction. " The head of the Xicheng Railway Project Department of China Railway Second Bureau told reporters. It is reported that the newly-built Xicheng Railway has a total length of 832.9 kilometers, of which the newly-built length in Sichuan Province is 172.6 kilometers and the design speed is 200 kilometers per hour. Upon completion, it will strengthen the connection between the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Yangtze River Economic Belt and promote the coordinated development of regional economy.

  In addition, the reporter learned that many places are currently seizing opportunities such as issuing additional national debt, and planning a new batch of major projects around major water conservancy, emergency equipment, urban flood control and drainage. Some areas have started the preliminary work of project construction.

  Major projects have a large amount of investment and high correlation, which has obvious driving effect on investment. Since the beginning of this year, the contribution rate of investment in large projects has increased. Statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics show that in the first 10 months of this year, the investment in projects with a planned total investment of 100 million yuan or more increased by 9.9% year-on-year, and the growth rate was 7.0 percentage points higher than that of all fixed assets investment; The contribution rate to the growth of total fixed assets investment increased by 3.8 percentage points over the previous three quarters.

  Major projects are not only the "ballast stone" for stable investment, but also the "pillar" for promoting industrial upgrading. In the recent intensive construction of major projects in the fourth quarter, industrial projects have become the top priority.

  On November 24th, key projects in the fourth quarter of Xi 'an were started, with a total investment of 45.726 billion yuan for 69 projects and an annual investment of 5.787 billion yuan. Among them, there are 41 industrial projects, especially 30 advanced manufacturing and innovation capacity improvement projects, mainly including the high-tech intelligent manufacturing base project in high-tech zone, the development and industrialization project of titanium fiber gas diffusion layer for hydrogen production by PEM electrolysis in Economic Development Zone, and the aviation intelligent simulation research and development base project in Baqiao District. According to reports, these projects have high technology content and strong driving effect, which will effectively promote the leading industries to extend the chain and strengthen the chain, and optimize the industrial structure of the city.

  Among the 64 major projects started in Qingdao on November 25th, they cover many fields such as new energy, new materials and high-end equipment. Among them, Chuangzhi Green Valley CNC intelligent machinery production base project, with a total investment of 340 million yuan, is mainly engaged in the research and development and manufacturing of industrial automatic control system devices, intelligent robots and industrial robots. After the project is put into production, it will further improve the computing power level of logistics robots and reduce the logistics cost of enterprises by more than 20%.

  The reporter learned that in the next stage, the relevant departments will also actively do a good job in the implementation of the additional national debt project and promote the project to form a physical workload as soon as possible; Accelerate the transformation of urban villages in mega-cities and the construction of "flat and emergency dual-use" public infrastructure; Accelerate the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and actively cultivate and expand strategic emerging industries.

  Experts said that in the later period, with the accelerated use of funds such as special bonds, some infrastructure projects will accelerate the formation of physical workload and drive investment growth before the end of the year.

  According to the data of the Ministry of Finance, in the first 10 months of this year, within the approved new debt limit, all localities issued 3,519.2 billion yuan of special bonds for project construction, which were mainly used for municipal construction and industrial park infrastructure, social undertakings, transportation infrastructure, affordable housing projects, agriculture, forestry and water conservancy and other key areas. "According to the data released by the Ministry of Finance, 92.6% of the annual new special debt limit has been completed in the first 10 months of this year. From the perspective of investment, the proportion of new special bonds issued this year in the infrastructure sector has exceeded 60%, which has played a positive role in ensuring the capital demand for key projects and stimulating the growth of infrastructure investment. " Feng Lin, senior analyst of Oriental Jincheng Research and Development Department, said.

  At the same time, from the Central Financial Work Conference held a few days ago to the symposium of financial institutions jointly held by the People's Bank of China, the General Administration of Financial Supervision and the China Securities Regulatory Commission, they all mentioned supporting the construction of "three major projects" including the reconstruction of urban villages and the construction of "public infrastructure for both peace and emergency".

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