Sunshine Sports Entering the Campus Fun Sports Huanxiu Broadcasting Article

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[Source: Huangshan City Education Bureau

In order to further implement the national "dual reduction" policy,breaking news reduce students' operating burden, actively implement sunshine sports, enhance the physical fitness of teachers and students, and comprehensively implement quality education.The theme of the second winter fun game with the theme of physical and mental body.O: P

Based on the principle of "Happy Movement", this fun sports meeting created a series of fun competition projects in combination with the age characteristics of students. The two of them were three -legged, clock running, relayed rope skipping, obstacles, etc.The tattoo on the field was opposite, and the game was happy. In the shouting of the shouts, the athletes cooperated and sprinted, pushing the atmosphere of the entire Games to a climax again and again.O: P

The hosting of the Fun Games not only creates a "grounding" sports environment for students, and realizes the purpose of happy body and mind, but also enriches students to live in school for one day.Essence(Hu Yuling special correspondent: Pan Yuefeng) o: P: P

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