The list of 27 people becomes 23!The European Cup reform, hit the Arsenal superstar, may be abandoned by the England team

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Beijing time on December 6th,frontline information according to the Italian media "Milan Sports News" reports, the 2024 European Cup will usher in change compared to the previous two contests.It is understood that in the discussion of the European Cup group lottery ceremony held in Hamburg, the decision to reduce the team's large list was made.The list of 27 people becomes 23!The European Cup reform, hit the Arsenal superstar, may be abandoned by the England team.

Previously, due to the well -known factors, in order to reduce the burden on each team, in the 2021 European Cup and the 2022 World Cup, each team was allowed to call 27 players.But at the European Cup next year, the players of the team will be reduced by 4 people, and they will return to the beginning.

The team's big list has become less personnel, which has the greatest influence on those teams with luxury lineups.Just like the England team, there are too many star players, and there are basically multiple options in each position, which can be selected for England coach Sosgate.However, with the reduction of the large list, there will inevitably be the best list of England's top players to miss the European Cup competition.

Arsenal won the Premier League runner -up last season, and the team returned to the Champions League after 7 years.This season's Arsenal leads the Premier League standings, the UEFA Champions League has won the first round of the group in advance. The progress of Arsenal is huge. They have officially returned to the ranks of giants.In the Arsenal team, England player Ben White is the main player. His worth of 55 million euros and only 26 years old is in the stability period of his career.

However, Ben White was not to be seen by the England team, and has only played 4 times for the national team.In the position of the right -back, England's players are competing fiercely, and Walker, Tripi, James, and Arnold can kick, and Ben White has less opportunities.And Ben White contradicts the England coaching team, making his national team career even more sad.

During the World Cup last year, Ben White, who was selected for the Ben of England, then withdrew.According to the British "Daily Star" report, because Ben White was very slack during the World Cup, and he did not pay enough attention to the game, he also had a mouthful with England's assistant coach Holland, and then bid farewell to the World Cup.

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