Congress elections come to South Korea, the largest party in the wild party to strengthen the security protection of political figures

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The高速资讯 election of the South Korean Parliament will be held three months later, and the largest Democratic Party of the Wild Party has called for strengthening the protection of politicians after the party leader Li in the party.

Reuters reported that Li Zaiming, who was attacked by the neck at Busan, had undergone surgery at the Seoul Hospital, but had not left the intensive care unit on Wednesday (January 3).

Hong Yizheng, the Democratic Party, said at the party leadership meeting: "The horror behavior of Li Zaiming is obviously a challenge and threat to democracy."

Hong Yizheng called on the authorities to investigate quickly and strengthen the security of politicians. His call has once again triggered discussions on the safety issues of campaign activities.Although South Korea has implemented strict policies for gun control and control, political violence has been in South Korea for a long time.

The Chief Democratic Party's chief speaking of Human Rights Seven Wins on Tuesday held a press conference at the Seoul University Hospital that Li Zaiming's cervical vein injury was about 60%and underwent reconstruction of vascular surgery.Due to heavy damage, the surgery was performed for more than two hours.

After at 10 am on the same day, Li was at 10 am to visit the new airport in Busan, and was attacked by a man holding a knife when he answered with media reporters, injured his left neck, and the murderer was arrested on the spot.

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