The main top of the European market Toyota's new concept car first launch

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Recently,breaking news the Toyota brand launched a new concept car. The new car is named "Urban SUV". This car will enter the European market next year and will become the cheapest Toyota pure electric model in Europe.The length, width and height of pure electric SUVs are 4300mm, 1820mm, and 1620mm. The size is equivalent to the Toyota C-HR size. The car will provide front-drive and four-wheel drive versions, which means that the new car will provide single motor and dual motor versions.In addition, this car should provide two battery specifications.

It is reported that because Toyota said that its Volvo EX30 competitors will use a special electric vehicle platform, its foundation does not share with existing internal combustion engines.The new car is a bit of the same shape as the BZ model. Although it is marked as a concept car, the production models will not be much different.In addition, one of the changes in the plan is to use conventional side mirrors, not those miniature cameras.

This small cross -border car will be one of the about 15 zero -emission models sold in Europe by Toyota by 2026, covering its passenger and commercial vehicle series.The sports version of the sports version of the sports version of the Shanghai Auto Show this year has also been confirmed to apply to the European market.In addition, last year's BZ compact SUV is about to land in Europe.

From now to 2026, Toyota will launch six special electric vehicles.By then, Toyota is expected to be represented by electric vehicles by electric vehicles.This car manufacturer has been calculated. It is expected that by 2026, more than 250,000 cars without internal combustion engines will be sold to European customers by 2026.

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