The United Nations is in a hurry, Hamas is about to disintegrate. Near East Relief Engineering Office: Why hasn't a ceasefire agreement reaching a ceasefire agreement?

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Thehot news United Nations is in a hurry, Hamas is about to disintegrate. Near East Relief Engineering Office: Why hasn't a ceasefire agreement reaching a ceasefire agreement?The United Nations really broke the heart. Since none of them can prevent the Russian and Ukraine War, nor can it prevent the Harbin war. If Gaza was controlled by the military, the UN expenditure was gone. If you think about it:Think of business.

The Israeli army surrounds the last stronghold in northern HamasEssenceThe Israeli National Defense Minister Garant said Hamas's troops in two regions northern Gaza were "on the verge of disintegration."The Israeli National Defense Force also strengthened its operation in the central Gaza.

The United Nations Conference resumed the emergency meeting todayEssenceA few days ago, the United States rejected a resolution including ceasefire.At the same time, the four EU countries have called for the need to discuss the need for Gaza ceasefire at the upcoming EU summit.A senior official of the United Nations said that after the United States rejected, Gaza's staff felt abandoned.Philip Lazarini, the head of the United Nations Relief Engineering Division, said that they "could not understand" why they had not reached a ceasefire agreement after thousands of people were killed and out of discharge?

1. The fierce battle is still continuing:Since the end of the suspension, Israel's actions in the central Gaza have increased, leading to rising deaths recorded by Aksa Hospital.The Palestinian Red Crescent Society shared a video on Sunday, showing that a couple was trapped under the ruins of the central part of Gaza.Israeli Defense Minister Garant said that in the northern part of Gasha, the Israeli army is surrounding the last two strongholds in Hamas in Jabalia and Xiejya.Director -General of Gaza Health described a fierce battle, saying that a large number of Israeli troops were found around the Jarbarian refugee camp.A hospital in Kamal Adwan, the central center of Gaza, was also surrounded by the Israeli army.

2. The number of deaths climb:The Israeli National Defense Force reported on Monday that three Israeli soldiers were killed in the battle between Gasha and Hamas, causing the Israeli National Defense Forces to be killed in Gaza to a total of 100 people.Late on Monday, the Israeli National Defense Force also said that five reserve soldiers were killed during a raid in southern Gaza on Sunday.At the same time, Hamas controlled the Gaza Health Ministry of Health said on Monday that since October 7, the number of killed people in Israel has risen to 18,205.

3. Get in and out of Gaosha:According to an Egyptian official, on Monday, 61 trucks full of humanitarian aid supplies entered Gaza through Rafa's transit point.The Israeli authorities also stated that they will begin a security inspection at Krem Shalom and Nizana's transit point.A reporter at the La Fa transit point said that 34 injured Palestinians and 4 buses with unknown foreigners also entered Egypt from Gaza on Monday.US State Department spokesman Miller said on Monday that so far, more than 1,200 U.S. citizens, residents and family members have left the flying place.

3. Photos of the detention man:The United States is seeking answers from the Israeli government to understand the identity of the person who has recently been detained and taking off his clothes, and the situation behind these photos.Miller of the US State Department called these photos "disturbing."A spokesman for the Israeli National Defense Army claimed last week that these people were members of Hamas or suspected members.However, Hani Alma Horne, the Charity Director of the United Nations Palestinian refugee relief and engineering department in the United Nations, said he knew that there were 12 people in the circulating photos, including his brothers -they were all civilians.

4. International pressure:The UN General Assembly is scheduled to resume an emergency meeting on Tuesday.Representatives of Egypt and Mauritania are trying to restore the efforts to ensure the suspension. They quoted a resolution that allowed the UN General Assembly to make suggestions at the Security Council's failure to maintain international peace.Previously, the United States rejected the resolution of the United Nations requesting Gaza to stop fire immediately on Friday.In addition, the leaders of Ireland, Spain, Belgium, and Malta believe in the chairman of the European Council, calling for discussions on ceasefire at the upcoming EU summit.

5. Qatar provides funds to Gasha:Qatar Foreign Minister State Minister said that Qatar will continue to provide funds to Gaza to support this flying land, as it has been done for many years.Many people think that allowing payment will make Hamas stronger and eventually make the cruel attack worse.

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