"People's Daily" focuses on the high -quality development of China's economy: "strong confidence" becomes the main theme of 2023

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How is Popular informationthe Chinese economy in 2023?How does China's economy do in 2024?

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China held a meeting on December 8 to analyze and study economic work in 2024.The meeting set the economic work in 2024, emphasizing that "next year, we must adhere to the stability of progress, promote stability, set up first and then break", and release important signals.

At the end of the year, the Central Political Bureau meeting was often made up for the subsequent Central Economic Work Conference.The meeting emphasized that to do a good job of economic work next year, it is necessary to promote high -level technology self -reliance and increase macro -control.The meeting also pointed out that next year, we must adhere to "steady progress, advancement, stability, and break first."Strengthen macro -policy reverse cycles and cross -periodic adjustments, and continue to implement positive fiscal policies and stable monetary policies.

The surging news reporter noticed that in the past two days, the "People's Daily" has focused on the high -quality development of China's economy in the beginning of the beginning.

Realize the annual goals with confidence, condition, capable

On December 10, the "People's Daily" published the first "The Year of the Starting Economic Development Review of China Economic Development", "The Year of the Starting Economy", "The Year of the Starty, and Promoting High -quality Development".The article wrote: Looking back at the upcoming past 2023, "strong confidence" became the main theme, "taking the wind and breaking forward" became a true portrayal of the Chinese economy in the beginning of the beginning.

The article pointed out that in the beginning of the beginning, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping's core unity leads the people of all ethnic groups of the whole party to meet the difficulties, adhere to the general tone of the work of steady progress, deepen reform and opening up, increase macro -control, and strive to expand Domestic demand, adjustment of structure, boosting confidence, and preventing risks, my country's economy has generally risen better, high -quality development is solidly advanced, and a solid pace of building socialist modern countries has been comprehensively constructed.

During the deep insight and momentum, dialectically grasp the crisis and opportunities, and concentrate on doing its own affairs.

"China is still the largest engine in the world. This year's contribution to global economic growth will reach one -third." Not long ago, in the written speech at the Asia -Pacific Economic Cooperation Industry and Commerce Summit, President Xi Jinping went to the world in a firm and powerful tone to the worldIt conveys such beliefs and confidence- "We have confidence and more capable of achieving long -term stable development, and continuously bring new motivations and opportunities for the world with the new development of China."

The article pointed out that in the first three quarters of this year, my country ’s GDP increased by 5.2%year -on -year, allowing the Chinese economy to achieve a solid foundation for the annual goal.

"The Chinese economy shows huge development toughness and potential" "China is still the key engine of global economic growth" ... Since the announcement of the "Three Seasons", international institutions have intensively raised China's economic growth expectations and cast "trust votes" for the Chinese economy.IMF (International Monetary Fund) raised China's GDP growth in 2023 from 5%to 5.4%, and raised the growth expectations of 2024."China shows a strong recovery trend, and it is expected to achieve the annual growth goals." Said Gita Goganat, the first vice president of IMF.

In the horizontal ratio, China's economic growth has maintained a lead in major global economies."Regardless of the year -on -year economic growth or the cumulative economic growth rate in the first three quarters, China's economic growth is among the best in major international economies." Sheng Laiyun said.

In vertical perspective, the annual GDP incremental increase in my country has far exceeded the total GDP of the year in the early 1990s."As the economic scale continues to increase, China's economy has also increased by 1 percentage point, and the absolute increase has been great." Wang Xiaosong, a professor at the School of Economics, Renmin University of China, told reporters that this year's GDP 1 percentage point growth rate brought by China's GDP 1 percentage point growth rate this yearIncrease is roughly equivalent to 2.1 percentage points 10 years ago.

"According to estimates, the increase in my country's GDP a year is equivalent to the economic scale of a medium -developed country." Said Wang Changlin, deputy dean of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said today that China's weight in the world economic map is heavier and contributed greater.

On December 11, the "People's Daily" published the second "Emphasis on the Expansion of Domestic demand" of the "China Economic High -quality Development Review of China".The article believes that focusing on expanding domestic demand is a major measure of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core and promoting the improvement of China's economy to rise.Firmly implementing the strategy of expanding domestic demand will help to accelerate the construction of a new development pattern, respond to risks such as the weakness of the world economic recovery and insufficient total demand, and promote the high -quality economic development and stability.

At the beginning of the beginning, all localities and departments insisted on expanding the strategic base point of domestic demand. A series of continuous efforts to promote consumption and stabilize investment policy measures, the potential for domestic demand has been accelerated, and the role of driving is significantly enhanced.In the first three quarters, the contribution rate of domestic demand to economic growth was increased to 113%. Among them, the final consumption expenditure contributed 83.2%to economic growth, which effectively renovated the pressure of foreign demand contraction."Stabilizer" function.

The article quoted data released by the National Bureau of Statistics. From January to October, the national fixed asset investment (excluding farmers) was 41940.9 billion yuan, an increase of 2.9%year -on -year.Manufacturing investment increased by 6.2%year -on -year, and the growth rate was equal to the previous three quarters, 3.3 percentage points higher than all fixed assets investment.High -tech industries led investment growth. From January to October, the investment in high -tech industries increased by 11.1%year -on -year, and the growth rate was 8.2 percentage points higher than all fixed assets investment.

In the beginning of the beginning, the consumption of consumption stable investment forms a joint force, and the contribution to the economy has been steadily improved."In the first three quarters, the contribution rate of final consumption expenditure to economic growth reached 83.2%, and consumption became the initiative to drive economic growth." Wei Qijia, director of the Industrial Office of the Ministry of Economic Foreign Ministry of the National Information Center, said that since this year, the world economy has been weak, global trade In the context of growth, in this context, my country's oversized market advantages and economic development toughness are even more highlighted.

The relevant person in charge of the National Bureau of Statistics said that in the next stage, it is necessary to actively do a good job in the implementation of the issuance of the Treasury bond project to promote the formation of the project as soon as possible; accelerate the promotion of the transformation of the large -scale city city in the middle of the village and the construction of the public infrastructure of "two uses" public infrastructure construction; Accelerate the transformation and improvement of traditional industries, actively cultivate and strengthen strategic emerging industries, and stimulate the new kinetic energy of the digital economy innovation and development; do a good job of promoting projects to private capital, continuously stimulate the vitality of private investment, and continue to expand effective investment.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Commerce said that it will continue to do its best to promote consumption to promote work and consolidate consumption to rise.In terms of promoting key consumption such as cars, home appliances, home, and catering, it is necessary to implement policies and measures that have been introduced, continue to promote new energy vehicles to go to the countryside, and promote post -market development such as car events and RV camping.In terms of optimizing the consumer environment and scenes, it will further promote the cultivation and construction of the international consumer center cities, solidly promote the three -year operation of the city's one -minute clock and the construction of the county business system, create a high -quality consumer carrier, and continue to create a good consumer environment.At the same time, it will continue to organize the "Consumption Promotation Year" activity to create a strong consumption atmosphere and stimulate greater potential for consumption.

This year, the steady foundation is stronger, and the motivation to enter is stronger.

The "People's Daily" published on December 11 Published a genuine article "Talking about the Chinese Economy -Stability and Entry Equipment and Quantity (Special Report)".The article pointed out that this year, the foundation of a stable foundation is stronger.Facing the complicated and severe international environment and the arduous and heavy tasks of domestic reform and development, the GDP increased by 5.2%in the first three quarters, maintaining a lead in the global major economies, and achieved a solid foundation for achieving the annual expected goals.

This year, the motivation to enter is more powerful.In terms of development, my country's economy has continuously won advantages and initiative in structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading; development of the background is bright, and the renewable energy installation in the first half of the year has historically exceeded coal power, and the green development is becoming more and more popular. The new operating entities in the country have increased by 12.7%, and the vitality has continued to increase.

In terms of high -tech industries, the article pointed out that my country's new kinetic energy thrives.In the first October, investment in high -tech industries increased by 11.1%year -on -year, and the growth rate was 8.2 percentage points higher than all fixed assets investment, which provided solid support for accelerating the construction of a modern industrial system.

Advanced manufacturing has accelerated development.In the first three quarters, the high -tech manufacturing industry accounted for 15.3%of the industrial added value.The strategic emerging industries such as information technology, new materials, and new energy have continued to grow. In the first half of the year, the total output value of the leading industries of advanced manufacturing clusters in 45 countries exceeded 10 trillion yuan.Scientific and technological innovation empowers high -quality development, and builds a new advantage in economic development.Today, my country's industrial robots account for more than 50%of the total installed capacity in the world, and new productivity has been accelerated.

In terms of "new three" foreign trade, the article pointed out that in the field of foreign trade, "new three" is becoming a hot word.In the first three quarters, electric carrier -loaded cars, lithium -ion batteries, solar cells and other products exported a total of 798.99 billion yuan, an increase of 41.7%year -on -year.From traditional superior products such as clothing, furniture, and home appliances to the "new three" characteristics of high -tech, high value -added, green and low -carbon, highlighting the continuous optimization and upgrading of the foreign trade structure, reflecting the background color of high -quality development.

The hot export of "new three" is not only related to market opportunities, but also due to my country's complete industrial chain and stable supply capacity, as well as the promotion of forward -looking and phased policies.my country already has a complete and efficient, stable and safe "new three" product supply chain.Green development is in the ascendant, and a large number of market demand needs to be met urgently. There is still much room for growth in the "new three" exports.

In terms of foreign businessmen's optimistic about China's investment environment, the article pointed out that in the eyes of the industrial and commercial circles of various countries, China has become synonymous with the best investment destination. The next "China" is still China.In October, 4,1947 new foreign -invested enterprises were established nationwide, a year -on -year increase of 32.1%.

It is the opportunity of the Chinese market.Since the beginning of this year, China's economy has continued to rise, and its growth rate has maintained a leading leading global economy, and high -quality development has been solidly advanced.China is still the largest engine in the world, and it is expected that its contribution to global economic growth will reach 1/3 this year.At the same time, China has continuously expanded market access, comprehensively guarantees national treatment of foreign investment companies, optimizes foreigners to come to China and suspension policies, and provides better guarantees for foreign industrial and commercial investment in China.

The article also pays attention to the topic of my country as the largest shipping country, and establishes routes with more than 100 countries and regions. The size of the fleet reaches 249.2 million tons. The indicators ranked first in the world ... Since the beginning of this year, my country's shipping service network has continued to improve, and the connection of shipping has ranked first in the world, becoming the world's largest shipbuilding country from the total tonnage.

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