AI video tool Magicanimate detonated social media and let celebrities dance into a new trend

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AI video tool Magicanimate became popular,breaking news making dancing on celebrity social media a new trend.Tools generate realistic social shake videos through photos and action sequences uploaded by users, which has received widespread attention.However, there may be gender tendencies in generating results, and compete with similar tools launched by domestic manufacturers.On the whole, the field of AI video generation is ushered in a new stage of development.

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The latest AI video tool Magicanimate was born in the air. With a photo, celebrities such as Musk jumped Tiktok society and became a hot topic of social media.

Launched by the National University of Singapore and byte beating, Magicanimate generates realistic video based on the characters uploaded by the user and the action sequence uploaded by the user.

The tool supports single and multi -person photos. Users can easily make personalized social shaking videos, and even let Mona Lisa run and make yoga.

Although the authenticity of more than 38%has been obtained, some users report that the resulting result is that the result is that the result is feminine, which may be the impact of music video training.

Domestic factories have launched similar tools. Ali's Animate Anyone also emerged in track competition. There are differences in the technical level of the two, but the overall field of AI video generation is constantly improving.

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