The person in charge of the three major international organizations is optimistic about the China Expo.

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& emsp; & emsp; Xinhua News Agency reporter Chen Binjie

& emsp; & emsp; The爆料资讯 headquarters headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the UN trade organization, UN trade and development conference (trade and development conference), and the International Trade Center and other international organizations in charge of international organizations. In the recent interview with Xinhua News Agency, they generally hold an optimistic attitude towards China's economic fundamentals.It means optimistic about China's economic development.

& emsp; & emsp; Secretary -General of the Trade Conference Green Pan said that China's contribution to global economic growth is higher than that of other major economies.China's economic growth is based on the advantages of industrial production, infrastructure and logistics, and technical, which means that China plays an important role in global trade and value chain.When the structural adjustment of the economy, industry, trade and other fields is successfully completed, the Chinese economy will continue to grow in the future.

& emsp; & emsp; executive director of the International Trade Center Pamela Cock Hamilton said she is optimistic about China's economic prospects.She said that from the perspective of economic data in the first three quarters of 2023 released by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, China's consumer demand has begun to recover, which will stimulate the continuous growth of economic and trade.China's research and development and investment in new technologies and new industries continue, and economic transformation will bring continuous growth.At the same time, China continues to open to the outside world to embrace economic globalization.

& emsp; & emsp; Ivera, director of the World Trade Organization, said that China has maintained openness to the outside world, builds a new development pattern, and drives domestic consumption to help promote the continuous recovery of economic recovery.

& emsp; & emsp; In early November this year, Grimpan visited China and attended the 6th China International Import Expo.She believes that the Expo is a valuable opportunity for foreign companies, especially small and medium -sized enterprises from developing countries to enter the Chinese market.She said that small and medium -sized enterprises accounted for 90%of the global business territory, providing 60%to 70%of employment positions, and produced 50%of the total GDP in the world.SMEs can benefit from China's growth, trade and market developments.

& emsp; & emsp; Cock Hamilton also attended the Sixth Expo.She believes that the Expo has played a great role in helping enterprises in the most developed countries entering the Chinese market, which is an "important opportunity" for the world, especially developing countries.One of the most important ways to achieve the Most important way to achieve the UN sustainable development goals is to promote the continuous growth of exports of the least developed countries, thereby promoting its economic and social development."The Expo is actually part of the solution."

& emsp; & emsp; Ivera said that China ’s status in the field of international trade is pivotal.China's good performance in trade will promote the economic and trade development of other countries and regions, especially the development of Chinese economies.According to Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, December 4th.

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