Jufeng Micro Strategy: Why don't the A -share A shares release a positive signal of the heavy meeting?

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  Views: NovemberContinue to fall into the contraction range,爆料资讯 as a whole lower than expected.However, the comprehensive PMI is still above the Rongbai Line, indicating that the overall expansion of the production and operation activities of Chinese enterprises.Under the adjustment of counter -cycle, the policy continues to release, and the economic recovery is expected to continue.At the bottom of multiple cycles, with the historical low of the A -share valuation, the current strategic configuration opportunities are prominent.In the short term, the boots of important conferences will be implemented, while the economic and deployment of economic settlement next year will continue to release the steady growth signal.Under the increase of policies, it is expected that the market will be supported in the later period, and the market will officially enter the low -absorbing channel of the end of the year and the New Year's market.Of course, it should be noted that there are no heavy favorable expectations for important meetings. It is expected that the short -term index may still be repeated and not blindly chased into the low suction in the fall.

  A -share shrinkage fell after going upward

  The market rising in the market yesterday was slightly strange, especially the tension of the tail reduction, which was really questionable.Sure enough, the performance of the opening market today is not satisfactory. Both cities have opened down and quickly bottom out.Since then, the index has been unsuccessful for a while, and continues to fluctuate in the afternoon.It lost 3000 points again, and the decline of the deep finger expanded.Throughout the day, the index ushered in today's decline after the upsurge of the index yesterday. Although it maintains a short -term small rebound trend, the transaction is not available, and the overall is weak.On the disk, medicine and creatures were strong for a time, machinery and equipment,Wait for a small performance, and most plates fall down,Leading down, real estate,, Power equipment and building materials have fallen first.

  Positive signals of the boots of important conferences to release

  Yesterday, the media reported that the Central Economic Work Conference was held.On the basis of the Politburo meeting, the Economic Work Conference made a specific deployment of the economy.Earlier, the market was looking forward to this meeting, because under the current economic recovery but the overall weakness, the setting and policy release of important conferences will be the focus of market attention.

  According to the specific content of the meeting, in fact, the meeting was positive as a whole.In particular, under the face of problems and difficulties in the economy, we will pay more attention to economic growth next year.As a result, economic development is expected to continue to rise next year, and the sense of gain in micro may also increase, boosting confidence in the market, and the capital market is also expected to usher in the recovery of valuations and the overall boost market.

  Why don't A -share active A -share rising and falling?

  It is worth noting that although the fixed tone is positive and boosted to the market's confidence, the index is low and low, and the continuous rise will usher in a fall.What exactly is this for?In fact, important meetings are only settings and deployment, and the specific implementation and implementation must still be observed.At present, there are still many concerns in the market, causing the index to repeat in the short term.

  For example, in the important meetings, the lack of effective demand is actually not friendly for the consumer sector, because although the meeting mentioned that it is necessary to rely on "new consumption" and stabilize "traditional consumption", the current consumption is currently in many parties.Emotional low, the market wants to perform, still requires new policies.In addition, important meetings have not been filed for stability, But to resolve risks and so on, the boost of real estate is lower than expected.And this may also be todayAnd the core factors of the real estate sector down and dragging the market.

  The fundamentals are expected to go up the market or officially enter the low -absorbing channel

  Under the economic tone, the expected increase of economic recovery next year will increase.It is expected that there are still many aspects of policy support and booster, while boosting the economy, and bringing support to the market.And the current stock market valuation history is low and the funds of various parties are about to move, the value of the stock market allocation is gradually highlighting.However, the economic tone and the next step still need process and patience. There are still concerns about the short -term market, and it is expected to be repeated.However, the overall market will officially enter the low -absorbing channel at the end of the year and the New Year's market.

  For investors, keeping the wait -and -see, if the index is adjusted again, it will still be a low suctionmachine.And if the index is no longer adjusted, the low suction within the day can continue.Do not chase the high, configure it at dips, and patiently wait for the appearance of the market counterattack signal.

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