Analysis: Gold resistance 2092, silver needs to exceed the 24.05 mark

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Analysis: Gold resistance 2092,high speed information silver needs to exceed the 24.05 mark

During the European time on Tuesday (January 2nd), the short -term gold in stock rose rapidly, near $ 2075/ounce, and the daily increase reached $ 12.45.We have conducted in -depth analysis of the technical prospects of gold.

According to technical analysis, the current price of gold has begun to show an upward trend, which indicates that the price of gold in the short term is expected to resume its bullish trend.

The primary goal of gold price is to break through $ 2092.75/ounce. Once this goal is achieved, it will further confirm that the gold price has returned to the main bullish channel, and lays the foundation for the gold price to the next target 2144.60 US dollars/ounce area.

In addition, the positive effect of the two -bottom form on the price of gold prices still exists.The 50 -cycle index moves average (EMA) provides strong support for gold prices.Unless the gold price falls below $ 2065.70/ounce and maintains below the price, we still predict that the price of gold will maintain a bullish trend.

Today's gold price is expected to be between US $ 2055.00/ounce to $ 2090.00/ounce.In summary, the expected trend of gold prices today is to see a bullish.


During the European time, the price of spot silver rose in a short -term.At present, the price of silver is close to $ 24.05 per ounce, and the daily increase has increased by more than 1%.

Once the silver prices successfully exceeded the bargain of $ 24.05/ounce, this will create favorable conditions for the further rise of silver prices.

During the past few trading days, silver prices have been bearish, but they still remain at the level of $ 23.70/ounce.After the opening of the market today, the price of silver began to show an upward trend. It is expected that the trend of viewing will be formed within the day. The main target is $ 24.60/ounce.

In view of this, we are optimistic about the trend of silver prices within the next few transactions.To strengthen this bullish expectation, the price of silver needs to exceed $ 24.05/ounce.At the same time, the price of silver at the top of $ 23.70/ounce is an important prerequisite for ensuring its continued rise.

It is expected that today's silver prices will be between the support level of $ 23.60/ounce and the resistance level of $ 24.40/ounce.

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