Zhong Yijin: 12.11 Gold and Silver today's operation suggestions

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  If I see my trainees lost money and the list is 一刻资讯covered, my heart is very uncomfortable, and every working day will stare at night to analyze and predict the market trend of the market market in a timely manner. After allNot easy, since I believe that I came to me to make a order, I have to learn this responsibility.If you have never made investment, want to learn and understand, or do not make a single order, the investment often shrinks, and if you want to learn technical analysis, then you have to go to our group for inspection.I believe that most people in this market are currently in this state, unable to hold it, the mentality is not good, the operation is not smooth, the loss is very serious but unwilling to be willing.All of this, people who dare not hold their positions, thought, walked two points in the reverse, the direction was wrong, the single was small, and the person with a bad mentality, I felt that this market should be rising, I chased it, so I chased.I have risen, killing the air, and the people who make mistakes in my hearts, I have been wrong so many times. This time it should be right. People with serious losses think that others can make money.The result of all this result is that the account funds are popular, the mentality is severely hit, the quality of life is seriously affected. A heart that was holding hope was already sinking into the bottom of the valley. Do you think about it?The reason is that everything can be found, and the key is to see if you have found the right person.[Analysis of real -time market in the group, the online current price shouts, more than 3 orders per day, a comprehensive win rate of more than 85%, free one -on -one targeted solution, welcome to come!Article at the end of the article/Two bell 100 million gold/consultation/method]

  [Analysis of spot gold trend]


  On Friday (December 8), the gold price was traded near the US $ 2010/ounce. The US Ministry of Labor's November non -agricultural employment report was strongly performed in November, helping the US dollar to increase by more than 40 points, and once refreshed it.Since November 20, the high is 104.29, which has regained all the declines on Thursday; the spot gold has a short -term diving of about $ 15, which once set a new three new trading days to the $ 2010/ounce.Specific data shows that the number of new employment in the United States in November was 199,000, the previous value was 150,000, and the unemployment rate dropped to 3.7%. The previous value was 3.9%.They are stronger than market expectations. The growth rate of salary rose 4%year -on -year, and the previous value was 4.1%, which basically met market expectations.Before the data was announced, economic analysts originally expected that the United States had increased about 180,000 jobs in November, close to the average level before the epidemic, and the unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.9%, and the annual salary growth rate was 4%.In the next week, the theme that may lead investors and traders will be the Federal Reserve interest rate resolution in the United States CPI data in November.For the market, there is no more important factors than the Federal Reserve.When the market is betting when the Fed cuts interest rates.The Fed will issue a final policy statement in 2023 local time next Wednesday, which may cause market volatility.Although non -agricultural data is strong in November, it seems a foregone conclusion that the maintenance rate is 5.25%to 5.5%. Investors pay attention to the remarks of Fed's chairman Powell.His speech may show when the Fed considers interest rate cuts.Next week will also usher in the last meeting of heavyweight central banks such as the European Central Bank and the British Bank of the United Kingdom, and investors should also pay attention to changes in market expectations.


  Golden technical analysis; Golden Daily level: It was still pressured at the key 5-day moving average yesterday, and tested the moving average again in the daily daily, that is, the 2035-36 area.Once you break through and stand on the moving average, and close at the location, you can think that the recent decline adjustment has ended, the price of gold will be strong, and it will make up for the long upper shadow line on Monday and gradually refresh the historical high.Because the price of gold is still in the one -sided upward channel and it has not been damaged.The ups and downs of this Monday is mainly due to the emergence of high profit margins and the re -reshuffle of the market.In the 4 -hour golden level, the current decline trend has not ended in the decline in gold.In this process, we need to wait for the golden bottom signal to have a clear bottom signal and a clear stop signal before judging the comparison of multiple short volumes. The shortness is still the main trend, and the signal of obvious changes has not yet appeared.The moving average indicator shows that the market is biased, but there is still a chance to rebound in the short-term structure. In summary, Zhong Yijin recommends the short-term focus on the top of the 2025-2030 in the golden operation idea. The short-term focus on the 1990-1985 front line support.Specific operation suggestions, Zhong Yijin's plate gives, this analysis teamThe mid -line layout win rate is 85%, and the short -term is more than 90%.At the end of the article/Two bell 100 million gold/consultation/method, get real -time guidance and free entry to experience for 3 days!



  I do n’t pursue the so -called accuracy rate. Do ten orders and nine orders. Just a mistake is enough to lose to the point of doubting the market.How many people operate, they want to run when they are profitable, and they want to carry money.It is clear at a glance.The profit of 10 cannot keep up with a loss.If you do n’t change such an operation, there is only endless regret waiting for you.I am not only an analyst, but also a good teacher who is worth paying in your life.At the end of the article/Two bell 100 million gold/consultation/method, get real -time guidance and free entry to experience for 3 days!



  1. Investors with high positions can use the rebound market to solve the set, or reduce the position at high; once the market changes, the set of orders will immediately stop the loss and build the position to make up for the loss;

  2. Investors with medium sets can wait and see temporarily. Do not rush to cut orders. If the market has the opportunity, you can reduce the position by the set of orders.

  3. Investors with low -level sets can use the callback market to solve the set, or reduce the position at dips; once the market changes, the set of orders stops out, and the position is built in the reverse to make up for the losses.

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