The 5th World Media Summit passed the Kunming initiative

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  Xinhua News Agency,热门话题 Kunming, December 5th (Reporters Shao Yibo and Zhao Yansan) From December 4th to 8th, the 5th World Media Summit (Yunnan Branch) was held in Kunming, Yunnan.More than 300 representatives from the media, international organizations and other institutions attended.On December 5th, at the opening ceremony of the summit (Yunnan Branch), the "Fifth World Media Summit Kunming Initiative" was adopted.

  The initiative said that the participants took the theme of "boosting global confidence to promote the development of the media", focusing on extensive and in -depth exchanges around four issues, analyzing the opportunity challenges faced by the world media industry in the digital age, and exploring the role of the media in promoting economic and social developmentResponsibility, how to tell the story of human development and promote the common development of global development.

  The initiative said that the ecological environment is the foundation of human survival and development. Human beings should respect nature, adapt to nature, protect nature, and adhere to the harmonious coexistence of human and nature.Global media should adhere to the concept of the community of life on the earth, pay attention to the construction and sustainable development of ecological civilization in various countries, promote the values of ecological benefits, ecological benefits, and ecology for the people, and promote the joint construction of people in the international community with harmonious symbiosis, economic and environmental coordination and coordination.Entry and the common development of countries in the world.

  The initiative proposes that cities and enterprises are the carrier of historical culture and modern culture in each country, and it is an important window for countries.Global media should tell the stories of cities and corporate stories, display the national image through different perspectives, and promote the exchange and resonance of different cultures of different cultures in various countries.

  The initiative believes that the information revolution has a profound impact on the world media industry, and the intelligence of the media has entered a stage of rapid development.Global media should use 5G reasonably,As well asAs well asThe results of the development of information revolution, innovative journalism collection and communication models, accelerating the promotion of intelligent and digital transformation, and continuously promoting the economic and social development of countries around the world.

  Participants believed that the summit had enhanced their understanding, deepened friendship, united consensus, and would promote global media cooperation to respond to challenges and achieve win -win development.

  The World Media Summit is an important high -end exchange and cooperation platform in the world.The current summit (Yunnan Branch) was co -sponsored by Xinhua News Agency and the Yunnan Provincial Government.

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