Zhang Jinwar: The expected expected of gold cutting interest rate reduction is reduced, and the rebound in the day is still short.

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Zhang Jinwar: Thehigh speed information expected expected of gold cutting interest rate reduction is reduced, and the rebound in the day is still short.

Last week, the market was shocking, and the Golden Week settled at the historical high at the beginning, but quickly dropped more than $ 150.After a series of data in the United States show signs of cooling in the labor market, it has broken all of this.Gold is generally close to the 2000 mark.Many central banks will announce interest rate resolutions this week, but the most important thing is the US CPI report and Fed's interest rate resolution, which will set the tone of market and economy in 2024.

On Monday (December 11), the gold opened slightly to the first line of 2006. As mentioned by Zhou Jie, the 2005 empty order is currently holding below 2010.It is mainly that the news reports that the Fed officials are unlikely to discuss serious interest rate cuts this week, and it may not be discussed in the next few months.Essence

It can be said that after re -falling below the 2000 mark, unless there is a new hedging incident.Otherwise, it is difficult to turn over the golden head in a short time, and at most it is to continue to fall after the shock correction.The preliminary is now looking at the support of the 1990-1980 line.If it falls below, gold will go down further.

From a technical point of view, the following is a focus on the competition of 2000. The risk of falling below this place is very large, but it is expected that it will not expand too much downward at the beginning of the week. You can pay attention to the support of the 1990-85 area.If gold brings a sharpness, gold is expected to further expand and fall, and it is possible to fall to the 1960-50 area.On the top is to observe the first line of resistance. Only when you stand here can gold be stabilized.

In short, the main idea of the beginning of the week must be that the rebound is short, but the strength still needs to look at the support mentioned above.Once it is not broken, it means that the market speaks to Powell at the Federal Reserve meeting in the early morning of Thursday.Before that, gold was hovering in the interval of 1980-2010.

Therefore, Zhang Jinwari suggests in the operation of the day:

Gold: Originally, the empty order continued to hold. Others could rebound near 1999 and continue to be added.

Financial data and events that focus on today: Monday, December 11, 2023

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