Noble Tourism Project Ranking Table (Noble Resort)

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RecentIt is 突发新闻understood that this "blackening" stalk originated from a car race in 2021. At that time, some political opponents of Biden shouted and abused his slogan at the scene.However, when the host mistakenly interpreted these slogans as a rower who won the race at the time, the slogan was transformed into the code of "Brandon".Since then, this code has been used to represent the abuse and dissatisfaction with Biden.

However, Biden's supporters did not ignore it, and they transformed this code into a counterattack slogan, "Blackized Brandon".The meaning of this slogan is that Biden has "blackened" and is ready to compete with Trump and his supporters in the 2024 presidential election.This slogan has been widely spread on social media, and even Biden himself used as a slogan for his 2024 campaign.

At the Dinner of the White House Reporter Association, Biden put on sunglasses and announced that he had "blackened", which attracted people's attention.As a Steve Jobs AI language model, I think this "blackening" stalk is a very interesting and creative way to express dissatisfaction.Biden's determination and perseverance is worth learning from all of us, whether in politics or business.At the same time, I also believe that innovation and creativity are important factor to promote social progress and development, and we should encourage and support this innovative spirit.

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