The first wave of European visa -free tourists has arrived in China, and the French are the most powerful

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Many cities in France have ushered in the first snow this 爆料资讯year. The snow scene photography contest on Twitter is in full swing.

There is no most beautiful, only more beautiful videos and pictures, and this obviously cold and hot, completely burn the Parisians.

After all, after a week of hopes, just wait until the temperature drops sharply. You can only watch the funeral of others. Only the talents who have experienced them have understood.

In fact, Paris can't be said to have nothing, but there are a few pieces of snowflakes in sporadic. There is no whiteness in white. This wave is lost.

However, the Parisian's funeral is only a while. Even if there is no snow, as long as you step into December,Paris fell into Wonderland with Alice. It will meet next year, but will be amazed every year.

Xiangjie has transformed into the most gorgeous appearance of the year, confident, flickering, waiting for praise; the Christmas market has a whole year of hot red wine, and the hot Croustillons has just been released, and a good time with the family and happy;The ears are filled with the laughter of the children. The air is sweet in the air. On the streets, there are carefully arranged warmth in a shop on the street ...

This romantic fairy tale is really worth looking forward to and never disappoint.

Of course, the same scene will also occur in every large and small cities in Europe. People are used to their own way to celebrate the most important festivals in the year.

However, there are turns and exceptions in everything.This year's Christmas seems not fragrant for many Europeans!

They no longer started dressing up Christmas trees early, and they no longer calculated how much money to buy gifts. Instead, they took a few nights.Talk about walking.

The point is,Their travel destinations are unexpectedly unified, all of them -China!

The reason for this must be known, all of which are given by the visa -free policy that have just been released recently:

On November 24th, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China decided to trial to expand the scope of unilateral visa -free countries, and trial a unilateral visa -free policy in 6 countries in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia.From November 30 next year, people who meet the requirements can enter China for 15 days.

The first wave of European visa -free tourists has arrived in China, and the French are the most powerful

But no one expected that it was more excited than them, and the more faster moves were those Europeans who had been looking forward to China for a long time.

Faced with such news, they took the lead in publishing their inner "satisfaction "--

French doctor Christophe: Make short -term stays simple and easy, no longer!

French researcher Esther: This is super favorable for cultural exchanges and tourism!

German student Jan: China is really attractive to me!You can travel to China to give me a chance to broaden your eyes!

Video screenshot comes from The Star TV oil pipe channel

If these Europeans just say, "Oh, you know, you will have a chance to go", then these Europeans will really arrange to go to China to arrange the schedule.

When the visa -free policy was introduced, the French musician Fabien was just planning to go to China. His itinerary was to go to Beijing to study Peking Opera first and then travel to Yunnan.

Faced with such a good thing, he couldn't speak with a smile:

In the future, it is easier to travel temporarily.I can't wait to go back to China to learn what I want to learn and improve my Chinese.

There is also Irene, a 69 -year -old French retired grandma who has been to China before. After learning about the new policy, he even hooked the memories of his past, and couldn't wait to go again:

I want to go to more provincial capitals and take the high -speed railway between different cities.For our French people, China is a very attractive country.

Sure enough, it is unforgettable if you have seen the crooked nuts that have seen China ...

Do you think this is over?Do you think Europeans just talk about it?

Generally speaking, they are not efficient. Suddenly, they seem to be beaten with chicken blood, and they start to work quickly. On the first day of the implementation of the visa -free policy, they appeared at the local airport with a suitcase.Signed one of the European tourists entering China.

Too,Now it's really difficult to leave when you go, just spend money to buy a ticket.

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