Back to the source of Yi, use the simplest way to solve the hexagrams

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Zhou Qiupeng

Zhouyi Sixty -four Gua, at first there was only eight hexagrams. It is said that it was created by the Chinese ancestor Fuxi in China.In the era when Fuxi founded gossip, there may be no text yet.Maybe the gossip is the earliest text in China.

Fuxi's establishment gossip must be useful and very important.He will not play with it.

Later, the gossip expanded to the sixty -four hexagram in the application. There was a view that the sixty -four hexagram was founded by Fuxi, and there was a view that the sixty -four hexagram was founded by Zhou Wenwang in the Shang Dynasty.It was later formed Zhou Yi.The point of view of King Zhou Wen's 64 hexagrams may not be able to stand, because according to historical records, Zhou Yi also had Lian Yishan and Gui Tibet, which was also the sixty -four hexagram.Exist.

Because Lian Shanyi and Guihei lost their passing, only Zhou Yi was left, so Zhou Yi was the closest to the source.Zhou Yi Sixty -four hexagrams should be a text inherited from ancient times.

If you learn Zhou Yi, or learn to solve the hexagrams, you should stand in the ancient environment to score.For example, you can imagine how Fuxi solves the hexagram?How did Xia, Shang, and Anthime divine diviners solve the hexagrams?They must not be able to check this week, nor do they know books such as Liu Yan Najia and Plum Blossoms.

The author once introduced a method to solve the hexagram closest to the source, that is, when you want to ask about something, first take the hexagram elephant, find the movement, and then directly check what the hexagram is hexagram.What is the rhetoric?

In these four steps, the first two steps are to check the past time and space of the matter, and the latter two steps are the future time and space of the matter.

These four steps are the divination paths followed by the authentic diviners after the birth of the ancient scriptures.

Later, Zhou Yi flowed into the people. In the Western Han Dynasty, the branch appeared.In the Northern Song Dynasty, Mr. Shao Kangjie invented plum blossoms.These two tributaries actually merged another system of stem and five elements into Zhouyi Sixty -four hexagrams.

I have mentioned many times that the original text of the Zhouyi ancient scriptures could not be found in the concept of the five elements, but there was a trace of the Tiangan and Earthly Branches. It mentioned that the first three days and the three days were mentioned.In the age, as a calendar, the Sky and Ground Branches have been applied in the folk.

However, it can be seen that the Sky and Earthly Branches are not the composition of Zhouyi Sixty -four hexagrams.Maybe the Sky and Gyeenas at the time was the calendar we used now, and it was an independent system for calculating time.

Zhouyi Sixty -four hexagrams are an independent system for divination.The two systems are not compatible or mixed.

In other words, before Mr. Jingfang in the Western Han Dynasty invented Liu Yan Najia, the diviners took advantage of the question, and they even checked the original text of the ancient classics of Zhou Yi after the hexagram.

Therefore, the author believes that it is the most authentic and closest to the source of the Book of Changes.

Because Liu Yan Najia is not inherited Zhou Yi, but borrowed the data platform of the Sixty -four hexagram, and founded a divination system.Delete all the interpretation of the Sixty -four hexagram in the ancient scriptures, and then merge the Tiangan and earth branch system, which is equivalent to a reorganized unit.Of course, it is also a cross -border or innovation.

As for the subsequent plum blossoms, it was actually inspired by Liu Yan Najia, and it was a tributary of Liu Yan Na Jia.Of course, the number of plum blossoms is sometimes quoted to the hexagrams or rhetoric in the Zhouyi ancient scriptures, but it still takes the five elements as the core concept.

Understanding these ins and outs, we can roughly know that in the era of Zhou Yi, the diviners would not use the Tiangan and Elements and Five Elements, because there were no concepts in the ancient scriptures of the Zhouyi ancient scriptures.The use of the hexagrams and the five -line student to solve the hexagram is the creation and invention of the folk people after the Western Han Dynasty.

Just as I once saw a video on the Internet, a gentleman was teaching plum blossoms to count, and teach students to have a method of rising hexagrams, saying that if you encounter something, you can take a look at the time on the watch.Then take a few points as hexagrams, a little bit of current hexagram.This method of hexagram is not even Shao Kangjie. Maybe after thousands of years, the gentleman is also famous as Shao Kangjie because of the invention.

As the main way to interpret the hexagram and rhetoric in the Zhou Yi Jing, although it is closer to the source, it is inconvenient to find it. You need to find a weekly easy to find it everywhere.Otherwise, all the hexagrams and words of Zhouyi Sixty -four hexagrams must be remembered in his head.Of course, there is another way to use mobile phones to search for hexagrams and words directly in Baidu.But after all, it is a bit troublesome.

Therefore, I will share a simpler way to solve the hexagram today. There is no need to consult Zhou Yi, just remember the hexagram of the sixty -four hexagrams.

for example--

A few years ago woke up in the morning and turned on the phone to see a message, saying that a passenger plane in Mahang lost contact in the early morning.At that time, I was lying in the bed, and I felt a bit unusual, so I closed my eyes to get a hexagram, got the Tianshui litigation hexagram, launched the first six, and turned into the hexagram.

Because there is no Book at hand, you can only look at the original hexagram and change hexagram.

First of all, look at the original hexagram.The author regards the unmoved hexagram as the environment in which things happen, and the moving lower hexagram is regarded as what is happening.Because the environment is always still, things are always changing.Therefore, you can divide the hexagram of the hexagram and the lower hexagram into two parts.

This solution model is always fixed. It is to divide the upper hexagram and the lower hexagram into a static party and the change of the change.

The hexagram of the Tianshui Litigation is dry and static, and it means that the environment of the incident is under the heavens.The lower hexagram is moving, and Kan is water, which is the lost passenger plane.Water is a flowing form, showing that the original passenger plane was flowing.

Because of the familiarity with the hexagram, the shape of the lower hexagram will appear in my mind, three crickets, a yang in the middle, and two yin.It is a bit interesting that this Kan Gua is like an airplane.

Then look at the change of hexagram Tianze, and the hexagram is shifted directly from the original hexagram Tianshui litigation, because it is still, or the environment that represents the incident.The lower hexagram, the original hexagram changed.The original hexagram is water, which is the flow of the passenger plane.The change of hexagram is the ocean, showing that the passenger plane has changed from the form of water to the form of the ocean.Whether it can be understood as a drop to the sea.

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