The capital of 7 major automakers blessed Tongyu Automobile to complete the B round financing of over 500 million yuan.

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Recently,实时新闻 Shanghai Tongyu Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tongyu Automobile"), a first-class supplier of intelligent chassis core components, announced the completion of the B round strategic financing of over 500 million yuan, creating a new financing record in the field of line-controlled chassis entrepreneurship in China. Many well-known industrial capitals and top financial investment institutions such as Shenzhen Venture Capital, ggv capital, BAIC Investment, Xinghang Capital, Guojiang Fund, Southern Investment, Jianxin Capital, Xuanyuan Capital, Huoyan Capital, Mingchuan Capital, Lepu Capital and Guoshun Fund have invested in Tongyu Automobile, and the old shareholders Xiaomi Investment, Dongfeng Asset Management, Bank of Communications International, Wuyuefeng Kechuang, Jinbang Capital, Yizhou Capital and Tongchi.


This round of financing will be mainly used for the continuous expansion of Tongyu automobile intelligent braking series products [EHB(two-box), iEHB(one-box), EPB, ABS and ESC]], and to accelerate the innovative research and development of new products such as EMB, SBW and CDCU, and Tongyu Automobile will continue to strengthen the company's talent system, and at the same time carry out pre-research on more key cutting-edge technologies, laying a solid foundation for becoming a leader in key technologies of wire-controlled chassis.

Shu Qiang, founder, chairman and general manager of Tongyu Automobile, said: I am very grateful to the new and old shareholders and major investment institutions for their recognition and continuous support. In the global economic winter and the downturn of the capital market, Tongyu Automobile was able to complete financing of over 500 million yuan against the trend, which showed that the capital market was highly optimistic about Tongyu Automobile's R&D and operation strength and future development potential. In this round of financing, the investment blessing of the capital of central enterprises in many countries will further promote Tongyu Automobile to keep up with the national strategy, focus on the layout of strategic emerging industries, and continue to tackle key problems and iterate the key technologies of wire-controlled chassis; The strategic investment of industrial investors with the background of seven major automakers will help Tongyu cooperate more closely with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to create a win-win situation; The injection of many well-known social capitals will further accelerate the pace of Tongyu's market development and form the scale and co-assimilation effect of the wire-controlled chassis industry.

Tongyu Automobile is a representative enterprise in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Since 2012, the core team has devoted themselves to developing the key core technologies of the drive-by-wire chassis. With the path of "basic research-technical research and development-industrial application", Tongyu has made a series of key technological breakthroughs, from the design technology of highly integrated decoupled brake-by-wire system to the brake fluid pressure control technology of high-speed brake rod to the coordinated control technology of electro-hydraulic brake with high energy efficiency, and has taken the lead in realizing the industrialization of the brake-by-wire system in China. In April, 2023, Tongyu won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award for the project "Key Technology and Industrialization of Automotive Brake-by-Wire System".

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